Monday Night’s Alright For Fighting

Gorruk Irritated

Writing up the miniature bios for all of my toons yesterday got me to thinking of how much I’ve fallen behind in my original challenge to myself when I first started playing:  Take one of every class, pure,all the way through to 20.

Currently, the only ones I’m missing are Fighter and Wizard.  Wizard, because I make laughably pathetic excuses for arcane casters – Varjek the Necromancer is knocking on level 14’s door, but only because of some pretty heavy grinding.  Gorruk, my fighter, was still level 9, because I kept telling myself he was “boring.”

I got to thinking last night:  that’s a pretty arrogant thing to say, isn’t it?  And it was.  Just because he doesn’t have ten thousand buttons on forty hotbars doesn’t make the character boring.  There can be an elegance in simplicity, provided you are of an enlightened enough mind to actually see it.

Clearly, I wasn’t yesterday when I wrote up that bio.  So I logged Gorruk on, spotted a reasonable-looking PUG for Vault of Night flagging quests, and hopped in.

They were already at the end fight of Elite Tharashk Arena, so I charged in without taking the time to check anything.  First mistake.  My current builds inherently have spot-heals at the minimum, evevn if they’re not fully self-sufficient, so I didn’t think twice about it, until about halfway through the hallways when I actually took the time to look at my hotbar.

“Oh, man,” I said to myself, “this is gonna be embarassing.”  For me, not them.

Not a single pot in sight, no hire contract (I’d have had to run back to the entrance to summon them, anyway), and for heals, the group contained one level seven hire and a druid.  The little karmic bite is that I was only recently joking with a guildmate about “best practices” protocol if you don’t have any self-healing – bring pots and ask to pop a hire if you need one.  Well, guess who just broke both of those protocols?  Yup.  This guy, right here.


So, fully expecting things to go pear-shaped on my head while everyone else groused about me in tells, I stepped in to the arena just as the first wave began.. and went through all of the kobold shamen in a single great cleave.

Wait, what?

I had to stand there, stunned (not an in-game effect), staring at the screen for a moment while that registered.  Here, I’d labeled him as boring for months, simply because he doesn’t have a whole lot of “tricks,” and things just became very interesting.

The group plowed through the Arena without so much as a hiccup.. well, except when the party leader and I got a little too excited and recalled before the Oath of Droaam was picked up.  (We got back inside in time for completion.)  Did I have the presence of mind to grab some pots or a hire before we rushed into the Jungles of Khyber?  I’d love to say I did, but that would be a resounding NO.  Double fail.

But, once again, he proved resilient enough to blitz through it with nothing more than Haste Boost, Intimidate, and the two Cleaves on his hotbar.  Yup, still no pots.  If I’d been the leader and had a first-life fighter say they were coming in hot with no potions of healing and no hire, I’d have strongly suggested they go get some before we start the quest.  But, shockingly, we came through just fine.  Gorruk even took down Chactar Luridae completely alone – probably not the smartest of ideas, but that’s neither here nor there.

There was a brief lull in the rush before the Haywire Foundry, which gave me a few moments to grab some pots and a hire and have a quick apology-slash-chat with the party leader, explaining that this was a much-unused alt and I hadn’t realized just how stripped-down he was when I first logged him on.  We had a good laugh over it (“lol ur suicidal bro” at  Jungles with zero hjealz) and talked about some of our character plans while waiting for our third to catch up from an IRL interruption.

We finished the VoN flagging without any further problems, and at no point did Gorruk ever fall below 100 hit points, even with an iron defender gang-bang or the Master Control unit puking poisonous vomit on top of his head.  Gorruk even made level 10 in the process.  I logged off with a renewed respect for the short little axe-wielder and the sense that I really, really owed his virtual self an apology.

Because, suddenly, my “boring” level nine fighter just became very, very interesting.


P.S.  Very interesting, and very gimped.  Apparently, I took the weapon focus and/or specialization feats in the wrong order, again, so his Kensei tree is hosed, again.  My fighter noob is showing.


P.P.S.S.  Even with pots, he still can’t fill up a hotbar without putting “filler” on it.



  1. GREAT post! I haven’t taken every class to 20 yet – think I’m still missing fighter, druid, arti, and barb (though getting close on a couple of those) – but like you, I play a LOT of alts, and a LOT of different classes. Some classes are far more complicated to play than others, and sometimes it does seem boring… until you dust off the mothballs and actually give them a whirl through something you don’t think they can handle.

    Ironically enough, my PDK fighter was my “boring” toon until I decided to run her through the VoN flagging quests for House K favor, because at that point I was thinking she’d just be my bank toon. WOW, did she surprise me! I did take a hire but ended up leaving it parked, never even bothered summoning it for Haywire. Cleaves, trips, sunders, stunning blows – serious fun. And that’s with NO gear other than the default stuff that comes with PDK.

    Granted, she was way over level for those quests, even on elite, but she also mowed stuff down nicely in Vale, again without a hire. She’s kind of getting short-shrifted right now while I level up three TRed toons… but after reading your post, I think I might dig her out and have some fun with her tonight. 😀


    1. That’s one of the reasons I have so many characters in the first place – every now and then, I need a “break” from the “break from reality” that is playing the mains!

      It’s always nice to play an old character, or a class or skill tree you haven’t played as much, to keep that childlike sense of wonder and exploration going. That’s a bit tricky to do with only one or two toons! Bring on the 24-pack!

      (okay, I’m not *that* bad yet… although alarmingly close.)


  2. I have one toon that is 14th life and the 13 before has been one of each so the cheats way to completionist. On the down side I haven’t played every version. I have never built Occult Slayer for example. But I have over done it with the toons as I have 23 that I run and 2 for test builds. But I don’t have uber equipment or masses of clickies. The idea is that the character does the job not to have 8 hotbars full of tricks. How do I learn what went wrong with the build if I have an answer for everything? So from my 14th life rogue to my first life maxed air savant it is not about what I can get to make my life easier it is about what makes the build and game more fun to play even if it means a little death now and again.


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