O Hire, Where Art Thou?

I would love to say that I thoroughly enjoy the new hireling AI, but I don’t.

Now don’t get me wrong – the ability to customize your hires’ action slots is sheer brilliance.  That part, I dig very much.

No, it’s their new-found desire to desert their post at every opportunity, burn off all shrines prematurely, and run head-first into traps when you told them to stay put that sets me off.  But venting isn’t the purpose of this post, honest.

The purpose of this post is to share a little tidbit of information I found.  For those who are pulling their hair out at the roots while screaming at the monitor things like “______, you idiot!  I told you to stay put!” I offer the following nugget of advice:

When you summon a hire to your location by clicking the “feet,” there is a five second reset on the Active/Hold Position icon.

That means if you summon your hire, or pet, or owlbear or panther, and then click Hold Position right away, once five seconds ticks down, they will automatically reset back to Active and start following you around again.

This can be very easily worked around, though;  simply click the feet and click Hold Position as normal, then sit for a few seconds and watch it flip back to Active.  Then, just click Hold Position again.  This method ensures you don’t “mis-time” it and turn around to see your hire inside the cell in Prison of the Planes instead of pulling the lever.

Sadly, this will not prevent your hire from running into the blade trap to heal you after you tell them to stay put, but that’s just being greedy.



  1. I’m noticing how the hirelings are FAR more reactionary to attack, often zerging far, far away to attack something. I’m now changing my tactics with them. I prefer a meat shield with my assassin, so with my UMD almost there, I’m using Fighters, who soak up damage better than Clerics and don’t do sillier running off things (so far). If at all possible and if I haven’t others to join me, I go dead solo.


    1. I’ve found an amusing glitch after making this post.. it seems, should you customize a hire’s AI and, say, disable Attack (such as in an attempt to keep your cleric from trying to Hulk Smash a mob) – the hire goes into full-on passive mode regardless of the “main” AI protocol assigned. Pity that doesn’t work, otherwise it’d be a nifty workaround.


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