Protection from Elephants

Protection from Elephants

Image copyright Armand Grobler of Barcroft Media. Found on Google and used without permission in a non-profit setting. Please don’t sue me.

It’s funny how little slip-ups can become inside jokes that end up becoming an unintentional part of your vernacular.

Close to a year ago, one of my IRL friends was, as I was, spending every available free moment on DDO.  During this period, there were many nights where “late” turned into “early” and back into “late” again.  This lack of any meaningful rest or sleep to speak of led to some hilarious goof-ups, both in game and on voice.

My favorite, to this day, was when she was so tired she couldn’t say Protection from Elements properly.. or notice the difference when we tried to correct her.  The voice conversation went something like this:

Friend 1:  I just got Mass Protection from Elephants!

Friend 2:  …..

Me:   Did she just say elephants?

Friend 1:  Yeah, it’s like fortysomething spell points, but I can hit all of you at once.

Friend 2:  I’m pretty sure she did.

Me:  You mean elements?

Friend 1:  That’s what I said.  Protection from Elephants.  Duh, listening is fundamental…

Needless to say, the joking on that particular oopsie continued for many, many months, even after she stopped logging on regularly;  she’d mention needing a coat or something, and I’d ask if the coat had a clicky for protection from elephants, and promptly get smacked upside the head while cackling like a madman.

I mention this, not to joke on my buddy, but myself.  For only a short while ago, I caught myself actually saying it accidentally.  Not just in a party of close friends, but in a full Vault of Night raid group.  Heading towards the switches, jumping through the lightning traps – someone asked if I was going to be okay (we’d already had a number of deaths from them), and I replied, “I should be good, and [somebody] hit me with Protection from Elephants just a minute go if I fail.”

Needless to say, the entire rest of the raid was filled with hooting noises, trunk jokes, and other assorted pachyderm onamotopoeiae.  And it was hilarious.

But if DDO ever does release an expansion with war elephants in it, I know just the guildie to call up.



  1. The image says it all. A good laugh to start my day, and I don’t want to know what the elephant is doing to that poor car. And I always credit my images when I can find a source, so that’s always a good thing.


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