Penultimate Gimphood

A while back, I challenged myself to make the most horribly, atrociously gimped-out character possible within the game.  I think I did pretty well, but it wasn’t perfectly gimped.  It needed refining.  (De-fining?)

I say that because at the time, I chose Spell Focus:  Abjuration to eat up one of the granted feat slots, thinking it was an exclusively defensive school (Stoneskin, Angelskin, Protection from Elephants, etc.).  It has, however, come to my attention that there are potential uses for an abjuration focus item, most notably the following spells:

  •         Banishment
  •         Dismissal
  •         Glyph of Warding
  •         Greater Glyph of Warding

So that’s four spells that have DC-based saves against them, which could make Abjuration Focus useful, but only situationally.  Then, in my ongoing efforts to further gimp-ify my super-gimp build, I stumbled across the most useless feat in DDO.

Spell Focus:  Divination.

The feat adds a +1 to the DC of spells within the selected school of magic, in this case, Divination.  However, let’s take a look at the list of every single spell within the Divination school that have DC-based saves:

That’s right!  You just read the whole list of ZERO!  In fact, let’s look at the list of Divination spells in its entirety:

Not a single one of these spells has a DC-based save, or a saving throw or method of resistance whatsoever.  Which means, unequivocably, the absolute worstamest feat in DDO is Spell Focus:  Divination.

It provides you not just with “extremely rare situational benefits” such as Abjuration Focus or Diehard, but literally zero benefit, whatsoever.  While I can accept, to some degree, the concept that the feat exists to both complete the list of spell schools as well as to act as a placeholder for potential future content which will have a DC-based Divination spell, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Because there is not just one Spell Focus:  Divination feat in the game.  There are THREE.

  •         Spell Focus:  Divination
  •         Greater Spell Focus:  Divination
  •         Epic Spell Focus:  Divination

This means that, yes, there exists three (3) – count them! – feats in DDO which provide absolutely nothing to your toon.  Not situationally, not in uber-rare occurrances, not never-ever.  You have a better chance of looting a BFG-9000 in a chest than you do of getting one single pixel of benefit from any of these three feats.

But wait, there’s more!

You can actually put Dwarvencraft Spell Focus:  Divination on your hard-crafted Tier 2 Thunderforged weapons for the low, low price of only 320 Dwarven Ingots, 50 Fire Dragon Scales, and 50 Shadow Dragon Scales!  ACT NOW!!

Needless to say, the feats are all going onto my “super-gimp” penultimate fail build.  Three feats – ZERO BENEFIT! So much failwin!



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