Challenge: Completed

A beautiful thing happened over the weekend – Varjek Lorebringer, Dwarf Wizard, finally hit 20.

In and of itself, this means very little, aside from that breath of fresh air that comes with every character after your first making 20.  This one, however, was different, as this particular toon was the final piece of a puzzle that I’ve been building for a long time.

If you’ve been reading this blog beforehand, you may have read about my personal challenge to take one of every class, pure, through to level 20 on a first-lifer.  This differs a bit from the in-game Completionist challenge in that TR’s have an ever-growing bag of tricks to pull from – stronger builds, past lives, carefully hoarded and collected optimum equipment.  First lifers don’t, which means you have to learn the intricacies of the class in order to succeed – and there’s no Otto-ing out of this challenge to skip a life I didn’t want to play.

(Such as the spellsinger bard before the enhancement pass – whooo, now that was a grind.)

Varjek the necromantic wizard was my last class to finish that personal challenge.  I won’t say I’m any better of an arcane player for it, but I do have a much more thorough understanding of what casters need and what they’re capable of.  And the delicious beauty of stacking crowd control and AOE DOTs.  One of my favorites was dropping an Otto’s Sphere of Dancing with a Cloudkill in the center, criss-crossing two Firewalls through them, and then standing in the middle with Death Aura active.  Toxic Disco Inferno, anyone?

Having finished a heroic DC caster build (even a lousy one), some things I never paid attention to are now making sense, such as the skull icon popping up over a monster’s head (in Heroic, that means Death Ward blocked an insta-kill spell effect).  Thinking tactically, seeing two spellthrowers getting hit with Circle of Death – one of whom has the skull pop up, and the other having a blue hexagon indicating a successful saving throw – I now know to pummel the Death Ward-ed one, because in all likelihood, the next spell out of our caster’s barrel will be Finger of Death at the one who made their save.  I know this, because that’s exactly what I would have done.

That’s just one example of the things I’ve picked up along the way.  I don’t claim this makes me a “better” player than anyone else – far from it.  What it has done, however, is enlightened me to the near-infinite possibilities from multi-classed builds and various tactical strategies.. which, thanks to Champions, now need to be second-nature and capable of morphing on the fly.

Though before this starts to sound too self-promoting and cheery and “yay, enlightenment” and all that, I still suck as an arcane.  Like really, really badly.  Odds are pretty strong that I won’t log either of the Lorebringer family (Kiljoen, the sorcerer, or Varjek, the wizard) on for anything other than bank access in a long, long time.  Let’s just say I’m confident enough in that assessment that I handed my Libram of Silver Magic over to Socks, who has a far greater chance to make use of it.

But the best part of having this personal challenge completed is that I can now re-focus on the project which was temporarily shelved while I wrapped it up:  Orsyn, my “palificer artadin!”

Orsyn and the Champion Corpse

Orsyn checking out one of the corpses in the Missing quest…. which is apparently a Champion..??



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