The Inventory “Scroll”

When it comes to character inventory, I’m very much a minimalist.  Only two of my characters have five inventory tabs and only one of them has six.  The remainder only keep four.

Not because I don’t have or can’t find Collapsed Portable Holes – I’ve got a dozen or so sitting in my shared bank waiting for when another player needs one and can’t afford the absurd prices on the Auction House (or doesn’t want to wait until Gianthold to get one for free from Argonessen favor).  It’s just because I don’t carry that much.

Tholgrin has extra slots, but only because he was my very firstamest character.  The others that have extra slots are spellthrowers or artificers and keep them for their vast array of components and/or rune arms.  (Looking at you, Madfinger the arti, with an entire tab full of rune arms!)  I just don’t keep a lot of stuff on-hand.

The majority of players I run with, however, are self-proclaimed “hoarders” and constantly struggling with full inventories and “lost” items.  I pointed out what I dubbed “The Scroll” to one of them, which resulted in the response “omg you are now my favorite person on DDO.”  Several others have had similar reactions – so I figure, why not put this out for everybody to enjoy?

Most folks I know are visual by nature, and the standard inventory view is what we know by heart.  But sometimes, that’s not enough, such as when you’re trying to find a specific item that you picked up that didn’t go where you expected it to, or know you have in your inventory, but is remaining elusive.  The trick here is to give the “Scroll” a try.

Located on the right hand side of the Inventory window is a series of three tabs:  the main inventory tab (the “person”), the “scroll,” and the “paw” (for creature companions).  Clicking on the Scroll reveals an alphabetical listing of all items, with a search box up top, and various filters.

The Inventory Scroll

The Inventory “Scroll,” currently filtered using the tabs across the top to show only Gorruk’s (pitiful) potion collection.

Can’t find your Ring of Disabling +13?  You can either type “disa” in the search box to show anything in your inventory with the word “disabling” in it, or click on the ring icon to filter to only jewelry items (goggles, rings, bracers, necklaces, trinkets – just like in the Auction House) to list them all alphabetically.   There’s a potion icon to list all potions alphabetically, and several other filters.

Spending a few minutes with the Scroll to familiarize yourself might just save your life (or sanity) while you’re trying to find that elusive Potion of Death Ward in the “traditional” fashion that you forgot to hotbar.  Or that Remove Curse pot while the clay golem is chasing you around the Chamber of Raiyum.

In addition, you can lock or unlock a whole series of items, or mark them as junk, very rapidly.  Or take an inventory of what scrolls you have (there’s a scroll filter icon, as well) without having to click on each individual one or take a guess if that scroll is Lesser Restoration or Greater Restoration based on the teeny-tiny spell icon in the corner of the itsy-bitsy scroll icon.  The possibilities are endless.

Will it ever fully replace the main Inventory view?  Not in the slightest, at least not for most players.  But it does serve as a wonderful alternative tool, particularly when time is of the essence and you have six tabs that are now filled with random loot you’ve picked up in-quest to garble up your organization.


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