A Clerical Error

I think I might have to break down and do it.

I’ve been putting it off for a while, but it’s becoming a problem.  With the exception of my “main” main, Tholgrin, and my current mix project Orsyn (the “Palificer Artadin”), I only have one other toon that’s under twenty.

Mattok Shalefinder, dwarf cleric.

Mattok Shalefinder

He looks too cool to just leave shelved..

He’s also been gathering dust for (according to the guild status page) four months and three weeks.  Probably longer, if you don’t count just logging in briefly to check for something in his bank.  Truth be told, there’s a very, very high chance that the last time I logged him on was to nick a shield out of his arms collection to pass over to my Favored Soul.

Mattok started out as a flavor build, a pacifist healer that was (at the time) running regularly with a rag-tag bunch of semi-regular players.  At the time, we were playing mostly casually, goofing off and just having fun, playing mostly on Hard or Normal.  Mattok took the role of “brick wall with hjealz” and did it quite well.

Alas, the players have stopped playing, and now he’s starting to irritate me.

I’ve loaded him up before a couple of times, with good intentions.  At least, until I started looking at the build, and the OMGWWITitis flare-ups were bad enough that I couldn’t conceive of a method of making him solo-able without a complete Lesser Reincarnation.  Sure, as a group healer, he’s brilliant.. but nobody wants a human healbot these days.  I certainly don’t want to play the role of “hireling with better AI,” either.  Some folks might enjoy the role of pure support, but I’m somewhat… more direct.

The hitch I keep running into is that I don’t want to do the first thing that slams into my mind (Warpriest splashed Radiant Servant) because that’s pretty darn close to the same thing I did with Whall, my favored soul.  It isn’t that the build wasn’t effective, it was – but then that’s pretty much the exact same thing I did beforehand.

There’s another option with Warpriest-splashed-Divine Disciple tree, but that leans very heavily on caster-ey shtuff.  And we all know how well I do with spellthrowers.  My magic-users are like pitchers at a Tee-Ball game:  sticks in the mud that are largely useless except to get pounded about the head.  (Okay, so that’s a mild exaggeration, but only a mild one.  –Ed.)  After taking a look at the contents of said tree – which may be brilliant in the hands of a more magically-inclined player – I’ll keep looking elsewhere.

Perhaps I’ll make a bit of a compromise, and instead make Mattok a Radiant Servant with a splash of Warpriest instead of the other way around.  That way, he’s still primarily a healer at heart, but isn’t completely useless in a fight (which is where he is, now).  After all, nobody complains about kill counts when there’s a high-powered Positive Energy Aura riding on the front lines.  Come to think of it, that’s probably where I’ll head.  That way, there’s just enough distinction between the two that it won’t feel as though I’m playing a carbon-copy of the other.

Funny how decisions work themselves out on their own, once you start rambling about them!

Thanks for letting me bore you!


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