Dwarves & Drinks

Drinking Dwarves.jpg

Image found on Google and used without permission. Unable to find a reliable source of origin. But it’s awesome.

It’s no secret that dwarves love their booze.  This holds true in D&D as well as nearly every single fantasy setting they appear in, and dwarven brewers are renowned for making some of the most potent beverages on whatever planet they happen to be relaxing.

Most other races shy away from dwarven ale for fear of a traumatic hangover, or, in some settings, straight-up death.

And the stumpies are perfectly fine with being a little thick around the middle as a result of regularly overindulging in such masterful brews.

So it makes me wonder, then, why the dwarf House Kundarak enclave has only one bar, while the remainder of Stormreach has an average of two bars each.

The halflings of House Jorasco have the Drowning Sorrows tavern and Open Palm Inn.  The elves of House Phiarlan have the Bogwater Tavern and Golden Wing Inn.  The Marketplace has the Rusty Nail and Phoenix taverns.  House Deneith has the Hammersmith and Anvilfire Inns.  Both The Twelve and House Cannith, large groups of magical researchers and arcanotechicians, understandably only have one tavern each (after all, you don’t want heavily inebriated persons near things that can blow up continents).  But the dwarves – they only have one.

I have to admit, this strikes me as unusual.  The race which has to be, per capita, the largest consumer of alcohol in Xen’drik, has only one bar.  On the other hand, it could be presumed that the fire-water is so prevalent in House K that they don’t really need a bar except as more of a social gathering place;  nobody would blink twice at a dwarf carrying around a flask or wineskin in public.  In fact, rooting through a dwarf’s belongings and finding that there wasn’t any booze would raise more eyebrows.  So it could simply be that the stumpy little buggers are just waddling around half-lit all the time.

Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.  Come to think of it, an anagram of “Kundarak” is “AKA drunk.”

Still, you’d expect to see quite a few more taverns in House K.


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