A Collection of Handwraps

As Uncle Tubbs is working on his Epic Completionist at the moment, I’ve been looking for new ways to really crank hi s gear up into the ridiculous level of things.  Part of that included checking out his wraps, of course.

He’s got a full array of Thunder-Forged wraps – well, the 24, 26, and 28 sets, at least.  The blanks at 22 aren’t really anything to speak of.  That takes care of everything twenty-four and up.

This caused me to check out the Wiki for the entire array of named wraps.  As isn’t terribly surprising, he’s managed to accumulate the majority of them, and is only missing a few:

Those Weeping Handwraps really caught my eye for future Heroic lives, as Sonic plus a red augment at level 2 is pretty brutal.  Slap a Force Damage ritual on top and those will lay down some serious pain at low levels, at least until level 4 when the absolutely ridiculous Scorching Wraps become available.  If you play monks, those Scorching Wraps are so, so beyond worth farming for.  To be honest, I’m not sure which developer thought level 4 was “appropriate” for so much offensive firepower, but I’d like to thank them personally for doing so.  On the other hand, they are a bit of a PITA to farm, so perhaps that’s the offset.

It was only just last night that Tubbs scored Antipode, Fist of the Horizon FINALLY from Caught in the Web after probably half a dozen runs that were completely dry of any named gear.  It was a brilliantly lucrative run, with Antipode, Tinah, Twilight, and Pinion all dropping.  That was a wonderful cap to a night filled with raids.. although more on one of those, later.

Aside from the bug that’s eating my ear which makes the Pokemon-esque collector in me really, really want to finish my collection of wraps, for no other reason than because of wraps, there’s another little project that’s nagging me to death at the moment.  And, after a few peeks at what’s available, Socks is starting to get bit by them, as well:  Alchemical Handwraps.

I’d really, really love to get at least my Tier 1 alchemicals completed before Epic Reincarnating back to 20 again.  Sure, Tubbs has some Adamantine Knuckles which are stacked to the teeth, and several pairs of Amaunator’s Ascetic Handwraps from the Eveningstar challenges that perform a variety of wickedness.  (Stat damage on-hit from a monk that hits globzook times per second = opponent is screwed before it realizes what happened.)  But all of that pales in comparison with what a fully-boosted set of Tier 3 Alchemical Handwraps can crank out.

Ideally, I’d like to have them completed before Epic Reincarnating again, at all, specifically to be able to strap them on at 20 and start whooping tail at absurd levels right out of the gate.  I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, however, because of the sheer amount of time and materials needed – plus, it seems the only real takers on Orien for the Lord of Blades or Master Artificer raids has been us two.  More on that, later.

Just to put it all together, here’s what my ideal Tier 3 Alchemicals will look like – and yes, I’m well aware my Shintao fists already bypass Byeshk.  They’re practically metalline by 20, anyways.

Uncle Tubbs’ Planned Tier 3 Alchemical Wraps

Just looking at the compiled list makes my mouth water.  Hopefully reading this might inspire some other folks to see the amazeballs that can be constructed with Alchemical Weapons and increase the number of LoB and TMA raid LFMs… but that’s probably getting greedy and dreaming.

At this rate, once the timer runs out, it should only be another… week before getting Tier 1 finished!  (tries unsuccessfully to stop looking glum)

Happy Slaying!



    1. I have several sets which took me a long while to put together. The level 24’s have Touch of Shadows and a Meteoric Star Ruby in them. The level 26’s have Touch of Flames and First Degree Burns, with a Meteoric Star Ruby and Ruby Eye of Force. Level 28’s have Touch of Flames, First Degree Burns, and (I believe) Wrath of Flames, once again with a Meteoric Star Ruby and Ruby Eye of Force. The colorless has an Exceptional Dexterity +2 in it. With monk strike speeds and double/triple strike chances, the procs fire off constantly… it’s a beautiful thing. ^_^


      1. Well I moved away from Touch of Shadows after finding a large number of enemies actually being healed by it on a direct 1:1 ratio.. by that, I mean if you roll 35 negative damage, they heal 35 hit points. Touch of Flames does have more enemies immune to fire, but the rare enemy that heals from it (magma elementals, iron golems) don’t heal on a 1:1 ratio.. if I roll a 35 fire damage, they heal for only six or seven, which is easily absorbed by the hit. First Degree Burns is great for boss beaters or working in synergy with casters as it applies up to 20% vulnerability (accelerated by Smite Weakness or Avenging Cleave) even if they’re immune to fire – and everybody doing 20% more damage adds up FAST. Wrath of Flames also has an added proc that throws negative levels around (very frequently with a monk) which makes Quivering Palm or DC kills easier to land. So even if they’re immune to fire, they still get screwed. 😀


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