Also known as, “random ramblings and I couldn’t think of a title.”

Lately, in between the efforts to get Uncle Tubbs towards his Epic Completionist and the Alchemical Handwraps to tier 3, I’ve been having a bit of severe alt-itis.

A conversation with a buddy regarding the gleeful power of stick builds reminded me of my own Henshin Mystic/Thief-Acrobat, Whong Fei-Hung (named after the Chinese martial artist and physician).  He is a halfling, 17 monk/3 rogue – although I confess I added the rogue in as an afterthought and thereby hosed any real chance of him ever being a trapper.  If I ever rework the build, the leveling and skills would change dramatically.

Fei-Hung’s DDO incarnation plowed through Heroics with a speed that would make his namesake proud.  With the monk’s inherent self-heals in the Path of Harmonious Balance provides, Wholeness of Body, and halfling Dragonmark healing feats, he was largely self-sufficient in Heroic play.  The damage he could crank out at blinding speeds was enough to minimize collateral damage and allow for mostly ki-based sustainment, only relying on the Dragonmarks for burst heals mid-combat.

That came to a screeching, grinding halt when he hit Epics, however.  In some moment of lunacy which I’d love to be able to provide an explanation for, I assigned him to Legendary Dreadnaught as his first Epic Destiny instead of Grandmaster of Flowers.  (Why, why did I do that?  What was I thinking??)  Unlike GMoF, the Dreadnaught line provides little to no benefit to a stick-monk at the lower tiers, where Grandmaster would have me clamoring to get nearly all of the Tier 1 abilities.  I can haz moar Destiny Points?  This was a huge mistake, and will require grinding through Dreadnaught level 3 before I can hop back over, or purchase a Key which I don’t feel like doing.

Clarification:  I’m not saying that Dreadnaught is bad, but for this build, it’s a bit like putting a Barbarian in Magister.

This aside, the other major problem I’ve encountered is a by-product of excessive awesomeness.  Builds that have brilliant strengths can often gloss over less-than-stellar equipment by sheer bravado;  Fei-Hung, for example, is currently level 20 and still wearing the Goggles of Time-Sensing – no, not the Epic version, the level five (5) version.  Why?  Because in Heroics, he didn’t have a need to change them.  Yes, that was admittedly lazy on my part, but the jump to Epics is making such gearholes painful.

So I’ve been farming for Villagers coms in the hope that the Way of the Sun Soul set and the Stout Oak Walking Stick will help ease some of the pain;  although I’m tempted to try and score a Cormyrean Quarterstaff with Improved Paralyzing on it, as well.  Hopefully, those will bring some relief to the embarrassment Fei-Hung is currently experiencing.

Of course, this might take a bit of time, since Fei-Hung is more of a side project.  On the other hand, covering ground is one thing that he’s brilliant at;  halfling monks are ridiculously fast.  Then again, a comment made on Orsyn’s Palificer Artadin write-up had me TR’ing a lesser-played toon into a Bladeforged version, and that might take precedence!

Happy Slaying!



    1. The Bladeforged is actually a slight tweak on the paladin/artificer build.. someone pointed out that the Reconstruct SLA would pretty much fix any self-healing issues. 😀


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