Thol’s Goals for 2015

It’s a new year, time for new goals, all that sort of noise.  So here it is, the plan for what I’d like to see accomplished with my toons in 2015.  Time to cut the preamble!


Tholgrin Stoneforge, Dwarf Paladin

He’s currently level 14 on his fourth pure-Paladin Knight of the Chalice build.  I’d like to get him back up into the Epics, ideally at cap, to take some of the pressure off Aapex in that regard.. and make sure that he’s flagged for whatever Shavarathian joy comes in the upcoming updates.  Thinking uber-long-term, I’d like to get him over into the Primal sphere of things and get at least one stack of passive regeneration on him;  that’s like cocaine, it is.

Aapex Predator, Bladeforged Paladin

He’s currently riding cap as my go-to “brute.”  I’d like to see him do an epic/heroic TR combo and slide right back into his paladin role to use that tasty Green Steel great sword I made for him.. but other than that, there really isn’t much incentive to move him at the current moment.  He still needs to gather some Thunder-Forged Ingots to take his sword up to Tier 3.  That’s about all I have for him, at the moment.

Tubbho “Uncle Tubbs” Lard, Dwarf Monkleric

Uncle Tubbs is currently working on his Martial sphere of Epic lives with one down.  His plan is to finish out the Epic Reincarnations to score all the past life feats before possibly sliding back into Heroics for a couple more past lives there – notably Ranger and Barbarian for added passive elemental resists and hit points.  I’m still on the fence as to whether or not he’ll go whole-hog and go for Heroic Completionist;  we’ll see how that goes.  Ideally, by this time next year, he’ll have Epic Completionist in the bag.  (I’d say Heroic, too, but I’ve got other toons to work on, as well.. and he’s already got all the Heroic ones he really wants.)


Bholgrin Stoneforge, Dwarf Paladin/Monk/Rogue

After having taken over as my favor farmer (and blowing my previous one out of the water with ease), I’ve become quite enamored with Bhol’s versatility.  His goal before year-end is to hit that illustrious 5,000 Favor Reward, and as a more personal goal, to have a completion listed on every single quest and challenge;  at first, regardless of difficulty, then to have “Elite” or “Epic Elite” (as the case may be) beside each one.  And a list full of gold stars on the challenges.  Why?  Because, nerd, that’s why.

Cupcaque Glitter Sprinkles,  Half-Orc Ranger/Rogue

Yes, I actually made the toon I mentioned in a few previous posts (“The Seven-Life Itch”).  I was going to put together an introduction post explaining his “intimidating” half-orc name – because, every half-orc melee should have a name like Cupcaque (Cupcake was taken).  I don’t have any lofty goals with him, other than to finish out Heroic and reevaluate then.

Felldar, Bladeforged Palificer Artadin

Last life, Felldar Bloodbeard was my “original” favor farmer in a rogue/artificer build.  After a few comments on Orsyn Burr’s Heroic recap, I decided that a Bladeforged variant of the build with a past life behind him might just do the trick – so one Heart of Wood and a Surname Change later, Felldar was reborn.  His goal is to get to 20 and prove to myself that the palificer build can overcome my oversights in the previous rendition;  already, he’s darn-near unstoppable, and that’s without optimized gear.  Should be a pantload of fun.  ^_^

Gorruk Bouldertongue, Dwarf Fighter

Stay frosty, G.  You’re in Epics, and that’s about all, for the time being.  I’ve learned my lesson as to not underestimate a pure fighter build, and you’re awesome, just not first in line for a revisit (since it was only a month or so ago I pulled you into Epics, in the first place).

Immano of Llawriennal,  Elf Cleric/Monk

According to Socks, this toon is “not allowed to level, ever,” because he has exactly 666 hit points.  I don’t play him that often except to provide support for “intro-level” Epic play, or pulling a Heroic toon on that occasionally agonizing Final Stretch to 20, so that’s not really a big deal.  I would like to see him cap out Unyielding Sentinel, however.  That’s about it.

Kiljoen Lorebringer, Dwarf Sorcerer

I actually have a goal for this dusty old toon – push that last level from 22 to 23 for the express purpose of being able to equip Twilight, Element of Magic, that he received ages and ages ago from the Raider’s Reward Box.  Not that he will equip it, but so he can.  After all, I told myself when I got the box, “Oh, this is neat, too bad he’ll never get to use it,” so now my goal is to prove myself wrong.  Ha!  Meta!

Khail Ironfist, Dwarf Shintao Monk

He’s already made it to 23 to be able to equip Antipode, Fist of the Horizon from the Raider’s Reward Box, and is most of the way to his Way of the Sun Soul set.  For the moment, the only real goals on the horizon for Khail are to finish out Grandmaster of Flowers and his equipment set;  although that might change during the course of executing said goals.

Loghainn Goldstrum, Dwarf Bard

Sit tight, Loghainn.  I’m sure something will come up for you in the future.  He has a Balizarde from the Raider’s box I’d like him to equip at some point, but he’s rather low on my priority list at the moment.

Madfinger Runewarden,  Dwarf Artificer

I absolutely adore playing this guy, although there are others that have been ahead of him in line.  As with many of my other previously-mentioned goals, Madfinger is waiting to strap on a Needle, Quill-slinger.  I anticipate getting to Madfinger sometime in the fall.

Mattok Shalefinder, Dwarf Cleric

I finally LR’ed him and got his abilities far better suited to soloing – or, for that matter, being anything more than a human-controlled healbot (which is what he was, beforehand).  He’s sitting tight at 16 and still needs to make it to Epics;  he does have a warhammer from the Raider’s box, although I don’t recall off the top of my head if it would actually be beneficial or not.  His goal is merely to make it to 20 by the end of the year.  We’ll re-assess at that point.  I’ll be sad to see his ginormous tower shields go, but the Blazing Sun is waiting!

Orsyn Burr,  Dwarf Palificer Artadin

What is left to say about Orsyn?  Just this past weekend (in addition to some serious grinding with Whong Fei-Hung after writing the “Spoon” post), he landed level 21 and put on the Slaver’s Hand Crossbow, finished getting his PDK gear set (along with Bracers of the Sun Soul to patch his Wisdom back up), and has a tasty +5 Boreal Cormyrean Dwarven War Axe to further devastate enemy Constitution (Boreal, Slicing Winds, -1 Con on-hit).  I’d like to see him cap out Unyielding Sentinel, and then he’ll probably take a brief sabbatical and let other toons have some time.

Uldwin Skyreaver,  Dwarf Druid

Keep hibernating, there, Mister Dire Bear.  You’ll get your turn, eventually.

Uldwena Skyreaver,  Dwarf Barbarian

After the revamp to the Barbarian trees, I spent a few minutes reading over and resetting her enhancements;  however, I haven’t really given Uldwena a proper epic-play-test.  Absolute bare-minimum for her is to get three points in Fast Healing in the Fury of the Wild destiny and see what kind of impact that has with the new Barbarian Healing Amplification… and then, in all likelihood, sit tight for a while.

Varjek Lorebringer,  Dwarf Necromancer Wizard

It’s a good thing undead don’t need any love, because Varjek’s going to sit on his room in the guild airship and be all Grand Arch-Lich-ey by himself for a little while.  Well, he’ll always have his Skeletal Knight and summoned Wight Priests for company.  Maybe they can play cards, or something…. I imagine a skeleton would have a pretty good poker face.

Walreign Aggron,  Dwarf Ranger Arcane Archer

Now that Whong Fei-Hung is largely comfortable in his Epic-ness, Walreign is first in my list of toons to revisit.  The top two objectives are for him to reach 23, for Pinion, Cloud-Piercer, and to cap out Shiradi Champion.  Once those are done, he may or may not go back to idle status;  that depends on other toons, as well as how much I enjoy playing rear-line characters for a change.

Whall, Dwarf Favored Soul

For a short while, Whall was the lead in my “side project” list, but Bholgrin took the reins of that and shot off like a rocket.  Whall’s goals for 2015 are simply to cap out Unyielding (that seems to be a common one, doesn’t it?) and will be revisited at that point.

Whong Fei-Hung,  Halfling Stick Monk/Rogue

After writing a post recently on the woes of gear holes in Epic levels, I buckled on some crazy shoes and went on a gear farming spree.  Now fully equipped with the Sun Soul set, plus PDK Gauntlets for healing amplification, and a tasty Cormyrean quarterstaff (Boreal, Tidal, and Maladroit), he’s ground his way to 23 and is nearly level 5 in Grandmaster of Flowers.  (Okay, for those paying attention, yes, I cheated and purchased a Key of Destiny.  I couldn’t stand being in LD in that build any longer.)  Of extra irony is the only thing LD provided (extra haste boosts) have since been Twisted in to the build.  Best of all worlds!  With his immediate needs having been satisfactorily met, he’s most likely going to take a step to the side and let Walreign have some time.



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