Wish List for 2015

I’m not unique in having a wish list of things I’d like to see in DDO.  Nor am I unique in sharing that list.  But, seeing as how this is a new year and all – and I recently posted about goals for my toons for the upcoming year – I might as well take the opportunity to share my Wish List for 2015.  Some of them are reasonable, others, not so much.

Because of reasons.

Wish List #1:  Revisit Shavarath Experience Tables.  Considering the immense gap in difficulty between Shavarath and, say, The Vale of Twilight, the XP tables for Shav need a serious looking-at.  For example, the base XP of The Weapons Shipment compared with The Coalescence Chamber is a shocking 31% less for Shavarath, at 3 base levels higher!  Considering the psychotic discrepancy in difficulty on Elite (Coal Chamber can still be soloed at-level, good luck on that with Weapons), this needs a majortastical overhaul.  I can only hope this is addressed with the new content, because as much as I adore Shavarath, the current quest XP there is a bloody joke.

Wish List #2:  Account-wide friends lists.  While I confess to having a pretty severe case of alt-itis, maintaining a friends list for each toon is a major PITA.  Even exporting/importing them is a bit of an irritant.  I’d like to see an option to add players to a “per-toon” friends list (the current one) or an “account-wide” friends list, which will show on the friends panel for each toon on that account.  Problem:  Solved!

Wish List #3:  Arraetrikos Creature Companions.  Okay, so technically, “minitaure pit fiend,” but we all know what we’re going to name it.  Since there’s not much difference, why not go with horned devils, too?  Horoth and Harry, together forever in my paw tab… make it happen, Turbine!

Wish List #4:  More Character Body Type Templates.  Okay, so it’s probably not feasible to ask for sliders as are in other games, but even so much as a “slender/average/buff/thick” option, simply so every dwarf isn’t built the same, every half-orc isn’t the same, and not all elves have a two-inch circumference wrist.  Probably never going to happen, as it’s purely cosmetic and as has been noted several times on the forums “does not impact gameplay,” but that’s why this is a wish list.  I can still want it, even if it’ll never happen, right?  Right.  Plus, you can’t have a character named Uncle Tubbs that isn’t at least a little bit tubby.

Wish List #5:  Vengeance Upon Coyle!  Maybe it’ll be a rare monster cameo of an Undead Coyle.  Maybe it’ll be a random event where the Training Dummy on the airship will occasionally appear as Coyle and squeal when you whack him.  Whatever the case may be, for all the headaches he has single-handedly caused me over the years, I want my vengeance!  That silly hill giant stole it when he whacked him over the head with a club, and that simply wasn’t good enough.  I need to pelt him to death with Pickles or a Club of the Holy Flame, and relish in his torment.  Hash-tag sadist.  (But only because Coyle really, really deserved it.)  Of all the NPC’s in the game, I don’t know of a single one who instantly instills such player rage, just by mentioning his name.  (Also, if he takes over the Training Dummy, there should be an added “special buff” for “killing” him – perhaps that Anathema effect from Recoyle to increase threat generated for an hour?)

Wish List #6:  The Pickle.  This idea deserved its own post here, (PASTE LINK) and I still stand by it.  Especially for use with applying pain to Coyle.. but for other reasons, as well, most of which are outlined in the post.  And because it’s a pickle.

Wish List #7:  Expand the Rift Between Worlds.  Since it’s already been announced that we’re getting more Shavarath content, I’ll fall back to my second-most wanted additional content.  Expand the Demonweb to encompass another Rift – they’ve already mentioned that it contains pieces and touches countless other worlds, so there’s nothing preventing said Demonweb from housing a portal (probably to another Beyond the Rift-esque quest in reverse) to yet another plane of existence.  There are countless classic D&D properties to pursue – Greyhawk, DragonLance, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Spelljammer.. imagine what fun we could have in a Ravenloft setting?

Wish List #8: Expand the Planes within Eberron.  Alternately, there’s already a Planescaller within the Tower of the Twelve that already has dialogue options to send you to Dolurrh (and one other plane I forget).  That’s an entire plane-hopping saga just waiting to happen.

Wish List #9:  Noncombat “Sport” Minigame.  The infrastructure is mostly already built with the private PvP instanced matches.  The idea of a “sporting” minigame is one whereby most level boosts are negated (aside from move speed, jump, and perhaps tumble), thus allowing players an opportunity to “goof off” for a while without the risk of getting beheaded by a level 97 barbarian, and allowing off-level characters an opportunity to interact.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, a dodge ball-esque mechanic would do just fine.  Ideally, this would be a PUG-friendly system;  players come and go and are assigned to teams randomly with the games taking perhaps only a few minutes to “complete,” before another one begins.  No reward system, much like the current PvP challenge mechanic.  I’m well aware the odds of this happening are about as likely as the Easter Bunny showing up on Korthos, but that’s why it’s a wish list.  It’ll give players something to do while waiting for a raid to fill without having to worry about healing back up afterwards or if “that jerkface” wanders in.  Alternately, hide a Space Invaders minigame in the Devil Assault antechamber.

Wish List #10:  A Kobayashi Maru for the Ubers.  See, I’m not being entirely selfish in this list.  Okay, but partly only because I want to get totally destroyed by it, as well.  If you’re familiar with Star Trek, then you already know where this is heading:  It’s effectively a completely impossible suicide quest with no conceivable chance at winning.  Make it CR 40 and only playable on Epic Retarded difficulty.  I anticipate raid bosses with millions of hit points, rotating elemental defenses (think Helmed Horrors) every few seconds, effects which will require saves in the 60+ range to even have a chance,  and more.  Every nightmare win condition all at once – keep Ana Brabener alive while juggling six Warforged Titans in Dal Quor variable gravity and dodging Harry’s fireballs and Whirling Blades until you can kill all the Titans within two seconds of each other to drop the forcefield protecting Harry and finally having a chance to hit him when the Ascended Black Abbot just teleports in and nukes Ana from behind while you’re distracted.  Oh, and more than five Redfoot Squirrels cannot die or the quest fails, even if Ana survives.  And that’s just Phase One.. and, of course, there are no shrines in the entire raid.  (And someone will still solo it on launch day.  –Ed.)



  1. Nice list!! I definitely favor numbers 1, 7, and 8. I would really like to see some of the other planes. I think it would be fun to explore Lamannia and Dolurrh as well as touching some of the other D&D worlds.


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