Piercing Clouds

So I’m much more diligent about writing posts than I am about actually posting them.  As of the time this is being written, there are actually three other posts pending – I try to space them out a day apart (or at least twelve hours) to avoid flooding feeds and mailboxes.

The irony is  the post about my 2015 personal goals for DDO hasn’t even graced cyberspace yet, and one of them has already been met.

Thanks to the help of a few friends, Walreign Aggron, my Arcane Archer, is now sitting happily at 23 and has his Pinion, Cloud-Piercer equipped.  Holy wow, that thing not only looks awesome, but hits like anti-tank artillery.  The vast majority of the time I’ve seen other characters weilding it, it’s been on an elf or half-elf;  on a dwarf, the weapon scales to ridiculous proportions and is actually bigger than Wally himself.  I even remembered to take a screen shot for your enjoyment.   (Aren’t you proud of me?)

Wally with Pinion

Wally with his new toy.

Of course, I’d be bragging a lot more if I had accomplished the run to 23 on my own, or even felt as though I was pulling my own weight in the party.  Alas, I did neither.  While up in my brain, I’m well aware that the damage an archer does – even if it doesn’t lead directly to a kill – is not negligible, as it then accelerates everyone else’s kills.  However, that doesn’t help me shake the feeling that I was, essentially, being baby-sat.  I hate that feeling with a passion bordering on the level of Durk’s fear of gazebos.

This is not to say in any way, shape, or form that archers are bad or moochers or useless.  Some of the most devastating hits I’ve ever seen have come from archers (47,000 damage sneak attack, anyone?) and there are several on the forums who have soloed every raid solo-able on Epic Elite without much difficulty.  However, I am not them, I am not that majestic with a bow, and frankly, have no bloody clue how they pulled it off (except with a lot of kiting).  Now that the disclaimer is out of the way….

A giant shout-out to Socks, Von, and Esh, without whom Walreign would still be plugging away at King’s Forest slayers.  Now that he’s met his goal, now that Pinion has been equipped and dabbled about with, Uncle Tubbs can finally come back out to play… and I can actually feel useful again!

May you all have the best of luck with your own goals for 2015!



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