Stormreach in Haiku


Like waves, time passes / Undeterred by boat or shore / Oh, and other stuff

O hire, where art thou?

No doubt, stuck within a trap

Forever a stone

Raids, raids, go away

Come back another day, or

Two hours six minutes

The epitome

Rage incarnate, demonic

All eyes turn to Coyle

Those famous last words

“Ease off on your DPS,”

Aggro pull, soulstone

The circle of life

Completed, now it’s time to

Head back to Korthos

Saved all the spiders

And my reward is merely

Crafting Broccoli

The Restless Isles

Where octopus is cheaper

Than pan-seared tuna

Twenty healing kits

What did I do to deserve

Loot this horrible?


I just wanted to use that

Word in a haiku

If giants don’t wear

Deodorant, then the Tor

Has some major funk

A side effect of

Mithril armors, undisclosed

Almost no chafing

City of Stormreach

Population of thousands

And zero fruit stands

This is the last one

But I cannot promise you

The last forever



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