Another Brick in the Whall

Uncle Tubbs did an Epic Reincarnation over the weekend, snagging his second of three Martial sphere past lives, and his fifth Epic past life in total.  Still a ways to go, but it always has a nice sense of accomplishment when you pick that past life from the drop-down in the Reincarnation Grove.

Although, I do have to admit, it would be nice to have a “Would you like to make your toon the exact same?” option;  while I have been keeping detailed notes of the build affectionately known as the “Tubbho Special” during its fine-tuning, it’s still irritating having to rebuild them.  And I’m an obsessive nerd – I’m sure there are folks who have ER’ed, fully intending to go back to exactly where they were at level 20, only to find they have accidentally taken something instead of another thing at level 94, because, let’s be honest, we’re all the clearest of thinkers at six in the morning after being up for nineteen hours straight.

Or, perhaps that’s only a problem encountered by myself and the rest of irresponsible society.  Alas, I digress.

But to digress, I would have had to have had a point to begin with, which I didn’t, so I just lied.

Lawful Good characters aren’t supposed to lie.  Thankfully, I’m not lawful good, so we can abort this line of thinking and get back to what really matters.  But after you finish reading this post.  Because, reasons.

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot more of Whall, my Flavored Pole healtank.  This is the guy Mattok the Cleric has been trying to not copy the build from (who is currently level 19, in case you weren’t curious).  Whall’s defenses are what keep him plodding along;  it’s like trying to toe-kick a boulder;  even if the boulder wobbles a little bit, you still lose.


Holyshadow on a t-forged longsword. ^_^

I admit I need to refine some gearholes that he’s been… well, “dealing with” isn’t the right phrase.  Whong Fei-Hung, my stick-monk, had gearholes he had to deal with and whine about.  Whall did not.  He’s level 25 and still wearing a level 7 Helm of Wizardry V, because, well, because.  I haven’t bothered to change it out, nor have I had need to.  Currently pushing 130 AC and 140 PRR at level 25, with substandard gear in many slots, nothing he’s encountered thus far has really been able to put much of a dent in him.

Granted, he’s not a Vulcan Cannon of Death-Fists like high-level monks, or swinging around a Thunder-Forged Great Bus the way a fighter, barb, or pally might, but he’s doing quite well in his own regard.  So what if he’s a pure Favored Soul imitating a Sacred Defender?  So what if he doesn’t have evasion?  I found it quite amusing standing in blade traps and watching the formerly devastating hits being reduced to single-digit numbers (on a toon with a comma in his hit points).  Evasion be damned.

This doesn’t mean I have no intentions of gearing him up any further;  oh, I do.  It’s just he hasn’t needed it, yet.  Sunday I set aside some time to run Epic Three-Barrel Cove to score a set of Orcish Privateer’s Boots and the Iron Mitts from the rares in the area.. and intentionally eating more than a few blasts from the hostile airships in the face.  The absolute lack of any noteworthy damage being received made me giggle in a manner similar to that of Pee-Wee Herman.

Eww, okay, that’s not true, and I didn’t even want to conjure up an image of Pee-Wee.  (shudders)

Great, now it’s stuck in my head.  I would blame you, dear reader, for this torment, save that you’re likely suffering through it just as I am.  (Now that is a digression.  –Ed.)

He already has a necklace from Wheloon waiting for 26, that he got at level twenty-one, because I’m an idiot and forgot they come with minimum levels, and not just the “successfully acquire it” part.  Les sigh.

I got lucky and scored a level 24 Bastion on the Auction House, which I’ve completely and totally fallen in love with.  It may not seem like much, but adding in the 20% chance for a free shield bash with the 15% doublestrike for shield mastery – and since the shield gets Purified Weapons from Unyielding as well – makes for a spiffy increase to DPS.  (Yes, I just said “spiffy.”  Get over it.)  I had been tempted to farm for the Shard of the Templar’s Bulwark which I’m missing, but.. I don’t think I’ll mind so much if that takes its time winding its way into my bag.

Speaking of epic shards.. last night, Socks and Whall two-manned epic hard Chronoscope.  While it took a little longer than normal to run – mostly due to Socks’ recent ER (he did his at the same time as Tubbs’) and what I will assume is the variances between Tubbs’ DPS and Whall’s.  On the other hand, Whall stood in front of the Conjoined Abishai Defender with a half-dozen bearded devils stabbing him in the rear and didn’t so much as blink twice, which is something Tubbs the monkleric couldn’t pull off without a few beads of sweat.

On the other hand, Tubbs wouldn’t have taken a third of the time to drop said Conjoined Abishai, either.. or dropped a single spell point in the process.. but that’s neither here nor there.  One’s a Gatling gun of offense and infinitely sustainable free healing, the other’s Fort bloody Knox with a wad of spell points and Heal spells.  They both have their merits.. and frankly, it’s kind of fun playing the wall for a bit of something different.  Er, the Whall.  Wall is the Whall.  That’s not quite right.  Whall is the wall.

(I claim no responsibility if you get Surfin’ Bird stuck in your head at this point.  –Ed.)

Anyhoo – the whole point about mentioning eChrono in the first place was that the Shard of the Timeblade dropped last night.  I already had the Seal of the Timeblade, and Socks conveniently had the scroll on hand.. and I didn’t want any of the reward options, but one of them was the Timeblade itself.  Sensing a bit of digitally divine kismet, I wandered over to The Twelve’s Altar of Epic Rituals and performed my very firstamest Epic Upgrade Crafting Thingy to land the Epic Timeblade.


I have to admit, I was very underwhelmed with the Heroic Timeblade – aside from looking awesome (which it does), it’s not very.. well, let’s just say the item is showing its age.  I’m sure at one point it was a pretty slick catch for low levels, but now, the Heroic Timeblade is just…. less than stellar.  Nearly everybody has some form of permanent Feather Falling item by the time they’re capable of finishing the Chronoscope (and if you’re twinking gear, you’ve probably had it since the Harbor), Slowburst is laughable from the start (DC 15 Will save on crits only?  Srsly?), which leaves us with a +2 Longsword of 3% Rapid Strikes.  Yeahhh.. I’ve found lootgen which trumps that.

Now it’s Epic big brother, on the other hand – hell-oh!  That’s quite tasty.   Very, very tasty for level 20.  I think Whall has found his level 20 weapon for if he ever decides to ER… because… duhlishious.  Seriously, go check it out, if you haven’t already.  I’ll wait.

See?  I told you so.

On the other hand, I’m halfway tempted to glamer the Timeblade’s shape.. but only if I can “steal” the Thunder-Forged shadow aura underneath it and couple it with the Purified Weapons glow that’s currently on his T-forged longsword.  Because holy shadows are awesome.  And awesome is awesome.  And adding Timeblade-awesome looks to awesome double-auras is AWESOME CUBED.  You can’t handle this level of awesome.

I might just crash the game with that level magnitude of amaze-sauce, so if the servers die tonight, it’s my fault.  I won’t be sorry.


Okay, so it didn’t crash the game, but that’s only because the Holy effect isn’t on it, too, just the shadow effect. But it still looks awesome!


Update: Whall has a new level of bad-assery to add to that shield, with a cosmetic Death’s Door.


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