No Love for Darts

I can’t help but recognize that there is very little love in this game for darts.

Not the game wherein you are throwing simple projectiles at a circular target with clearly delineated scoring regions.  No, the weapons.

This can be summarized by the following list of named darts which appear as loot or quest end rewards (prior to Epic Three-Barrel Cove):




Yup.  That’s it.  One can craft a Nightforge Spike in A Relic of a Sovereign Past for 10 Adamantine Ore.  One can also craft an Alchemical Dart through the House Cannith raids and quests, or a Thunder-Forged Alloy Dart from Thunderholme, but those are not “loot” in the traditional sense.

One could also make a Spelltouched Dart with challenges in Eveningstar, or score the only “traditional loot” dart in the game, the Coffin Nail from A Legend Revisited in Epic Three-Barrel.  While throwing hammers have just as few options when it comes to “traditional loot,” they at least get Green Steel incarnations.

I suppose this means that I’ve found my target.  A few nights ago, I farmed the materials for Whall to have a throwing weapon he was actually proficient in (imagine that!) since he had been using Snowstar since level 8.  So what does my genius self do?  Immediately purchase a dwarven Flavored Pole a tasty Spelltouched Throwing Hammer.  Because dwarves love throwing hammers.

Dwarven warriors love throwing hammers.  Dwarven angelic incarnations, not so much.

So after spending a weeks’ worth of materials (read: 63 minutes) to get a throwing weapon that Whall was proficient in, I find myself with now a more expensive weapon that he’s still not proficient in.

Tonight, I might have to make sure that he gets a dart, and show the little pokey-pokeys that there is some love out there for them.

Besides, after writing this, it’s pretty clear there’s even less love for throwing hammers than there is for darts.. but that attempt resulted in a facepalm.  Sorry, but it is not, in fact, Hammer Time.



  1. Darts, paradoxically, have higher damage than the shuriken (at 1d2), yet there are now a lot of shuriken-killers out there, myself included. I might have to see if a Halfing thrower build is possible.


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