A Message from the Amrath Board of Tourism

The following guide is not in any way, shape, or form inspired by TeacherSyn’s Insane Tourist series of posts.  That’s a bold-faced lie, this is a non-sanctioned and completely unoriginal rip of his idea, albeit in a previously uncovered territory (at least, that I’m aware of) which I happen to love to death – and is getting all-new content added soon!  WOOT!

So, keeping in mind that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I shamelessly present to you:

The Lunatic Wanderer’s Guide to Shavarath

Not licensed or endorsed in any way by Insane Tourist Publishing, LLC, House Phiarlan, Stormreach, Xen’drik.

No, seriously, it isn’t.  Any similarity in naming is purely and totally coincidental.  Honest.



Upon your arrival on the lovely gravity-defying nodes that comprise Amrath, the first thing you will note is the striking views.  Unlike most other cities in the Planes, where only specific points fetch the most breathtaking views, the nature of Amrath’s multi-node construction guarantees exhilirating scenery from almost every conceivable point.  As an added boon, these picturesque vantages not only extend laterally to the horizon, but straight down and up for almost a fully spherical panorama!

Just make sure you keep an eye on your feet, as the guardrails aren’t always in the best of condition (or are absent entirely), and are neither guaranteed or maintained by the Amrath Board of Tourism.

Amongst the lovely amenities found on Amrath’s various nodes are a full assortment of trainers to keep you and your fellow wanderers in tip-top shape and several boutique vendors to keep your bags fully stocked.  Tucked away within an authentic cave adorned with the finest in rustic Yugoloth décor lies the Refectory, where a weary adventurer can find a gourmet meal or refined beverage made by the most skilled local chefs and mixologists.  While enjoying your refreshments, feel free to take advantage of the available auctioneer services or utilize the Orien Lightning Post to keep up with mundane business without ever having to leave this uniquely Shavarathian experience.

Of course, should you require additional aid during your wanderings, there is a friendly fellow waiting just outside the Refectory able to arrange for the services of “temporary servants” for a modest fee.

Once you feel the need to explore beyond the magnificent views Amrath has to offer, make your way to the pinnacle of the gravity nodes and prepare to venture abroad!


The Meadows

(historically** known as the “Devil Battlefield”)

Departing from the Amrath Resort Area will lead an adventurer into The Meadows – which you may have heard of as having been the site of a former “disagreement” between the native Devils, Demons, and Archons of Shavarath.  While this is historically accurate, the major conflict has been long-since over*.  Populating The Meadows currently are a wide variety of local individuals who would be more than happy to greet you and have you for lunch or dinner.

* Due to the near-extermination of the Archons four days ago

One thing to note when interacting with the locals in The Meadows is that many individuals have the ability to teleport vast distances.  They are such a friendly bunch, they will frequently travel miles in an instant simply to greet a new arrival.  Observation of local culture suggests that it is considered appropriate, even encouraged, to bare one’s teeth in what most would consider a sign of “aggression” followed by brandishing one’s weapons’ in a manner which could be construed as “hostile.”  It is speculated this harkens back to the long-ago days** when conflict was rife in this region, and is simply a ritual of greeting.

** Last Thursday

There are a number of scenic locations in The Meadows, both of current beauty and historical significance.  Here’s some of our favorites at the Amrath Board of Tourism!

Examine the architecture of Those Who Came Before in the Shattered Ruins!


The Hellhound is just taking a nap. Pay it no mind.

Enjoy the amazing scenery at the former terrestrial location of our fine city in the Amrath Crater Overlook!


Amrath used to be down there!

Behold the defenses of the Devil fortress at the Iron Maw Overlook!  Grumnuk the Foul is often here to show tourists where not to stand – after all, it’s a long way down, and he can’t have you for lunch if you slip!


Such pristine landscapes!

Have a meet & greet with the friendly soldiers of the Hall of the Third Legion!


The crucified Archons are purely an homage to local traditions of decoration, and are in no way real.

Stop by for a snack at the Third Legon’s Last Redoubt!


The lovely green aurorae are visible 24/7/365 for perfect photos, every time!

Behold the natural ridge that forms the Devil’s Spine!


The condition of the above-pictured bridge is not maintained or guaranteed by the Amrath Board of Tourism.

Bask in the shadow of the Citadel Atop the Devil’s Spine!  Centurion Kalon is often nearby for autographs!


Warning: Fire in “The Meadows” is just as hot as fire back home. You have been warned!

Snap a photo at the entrance to the super-secret research facility, Genesis Point!


Perfect for every snapshot album!

Watch your footing in the Flayed Lands, or you might just tumble into Prefect Lysson’s impromptu pep rally!


Impromptu pep rally not shown.

Throw open the doors and have a party at the Outer Wall Gates!  Primus Aspidon might even be there to give you a hug, personally!


The party really begins once the doors are opened!

Check out the amazing scultpures at the Shrine to the High Council!  Just a short hike southeast past the elegant statuary lies a favorite hangout of the elusive local celebrity Primus Makari – be sure to take a peek and see if he’s willing to snap a photo!


The members of the High Council asked to remain anonymous for this photograph.

One of the most popular destinations for the locals, the Tower of Despair is almost always hopping with members of Today’s List of Who’s Who – in the past few days alone, Firefang, Blackpaw, and Agradoxes have all been spotted schmoozing with the locals outside.   Make sure you’ve given the proper attention to Agradoxes’ puppies – those silly hellhounds can make things a little warm if they get too excited!


Photo Credit: Samuel the Roach.

Check out what’s “under the bridge” in the Gullet Trenches!  It’s a spear aficionado’s fantasy vacation spot!


Shrines available as needed. No warranty of freedom from injury is implied by the presence of said shrines.

The last stop on our trip, and arguably the most historic, The Neck illustrates the prime use of terrain advantage in a combat situation!


All arrows in the above image were fired before yesterday, so you have nothing to fear!

Of course, there are many other scenic locations and places of significance, all of which exemplify the natural beauty of The Meadows.  We wouldn’t want to spoil your visit by capturing them all, or telling you just how many local celebrities enjoy spending their time here – it isn’t unexpected for one of them to just show up out of the blue and say “hello” with a great big bear hug!  What a friendly lot!

We do hope you enjoy your stay with us here in lovely, sunny Shavarath!



© 2015 Amrath Board of Tourism, LLC

No Rights Reserved

For official statements regarding hazardous travel destinations, affidavits of indemnity, waivers of liability for bodily harm, easy-to-fill-out last wills and testaments, and group ticket discounts, click here.



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