Random Jewelling

Credit to The-5 on DeviantArt.

Credit to The-5 on DeviantArt.

It all started one day when I was cleaning out my shared bank and a visibly obvious noob ran past.

Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few (dozens) Jewels of Fortune in various sizes.  When I first started playing, I used them every chance I got, both for the better chest loot and the better payouts from vendors and/or the Auction House.  After a while, though, you get to the point where platinum isn’t an issue any longer, and all or most of your toons have “out-grown” the vast majority of loot-gen items.

Not always, however;  there’s still that occasional random piece of perfection that drops, but that’s beside the point.

The point I’m rambling to is that, after a while, you may find yourself sarcastically going, “oh, yay, jewel of fortune” and using it just to use it or simply tossing it in the trash.

Nay, I say, to this behavior, nay!

Of late, I’ve taken up what I call “random jewelling.”  Before I get started for the evening, or if I have a few moments while a party member is doing ABCXYZ, or while I’m trying to figure out what it is I’m doing next – I go and grab a pile of said Jewels of Fortune out of the bank and start trolling the Harbor and the Marketplace.

I do this because I’m looking for “victims.”  (In the softest sense of the word.)  Ideally, these “victims” are under level 7 and not in a guild (or an extremely low-level one), with no ship buffs and barely any effect boxes at  all (except for perhaps Korthos set bonuses).  You know the type – 28-point Adventurer builds on their first foray into DDO.  Possibly even their first few days or weeks of playing.

I specifically target Adventurer builds because that’s a “one-and-done” kind of deal.  It’s a pretty safe bet that characters who are still low-level on Adventurer builds are still on young accounts – of course, that’s not bulletproof, but it’s as good of a measure as you’ll easily get.

The bottom line is, these “victims” are new to the game.  They’re still learning the ropes and don’t have the treasure vaults of resources and loot that the more veteran players do.  While a veteran player may eat a Jewel of Fortune just to get rid of it, the odds of actually noticing any measurable difference in the payout when the loot is sold are probably pretty slim.   On a brand-new toon, with a brand-new account – it’s more like the following (re-enacted from my own experiences as a noob):

Huh?  What’s this that just popped up?

Huge Jewel of Fortune boost?  What’s that do?


And it lasts for six hours?  That’s like, FOREVER!

Some random guy just ran by and hit me with it!  Dude!  Sweet!  The people here ROCK!


I have been known to enlist other people in the party in such hunts.  After all, I still want to get rid of those jewels – they’re taking up bank space!  But not to the extent that I want to burn them all on characters that won’t really appreciate the boost.  Plus, it makes for a bit of silly fun to scream “TAIL THAT NOOB!” and turn plodding about in Stormreach into a Secret Service/MI5 chase event which results in an unsuspecting player getting a long-lasting loot buff.

After, of course, being pursued halfway across the Harbor by a wildly gesticulating half-orc, an elf, a mecha-doggy, and possibly fearing a PVP event that they aren’t yet 100% positive only occurs in taverns.

Because telling them to hold still would ruin half of the fun.  ^_^




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