2015 Goals Progress Report

I mentioned in a previous post that I would put together a progress report on where I stand for my Goals for 2015.  Some of them are moving along well ahead of schedule, while others…..  not so smooth.  So this is as much of a progress report for you, the marginally interested reader, as it is for myself, the addled multi-toon player with a severe case of OOOH SHINY!  So, here goes.

Disclaimer:  Incoming wall-o-toon-specific-rambles, if you don’t care about individual characters and just want to read about gameplay, nothing wrong with that, but you might want to skip this post.


Tholgrin Stoneforge, dwarf paladin (level 20)

When I first wrote the goals post, he was level 14 and sitting tight in Heroic play.  He tends not to get a whole lot of play time except solo, mostly because he’s a tad bit.. overzealous for group play.  I ground him up to 28, capped the three Primal destinies in the process, and ER’ed him so he has his first passive stack of past life regeneration.  Which means he hit both of his goals:  1) get back into Epics, and 2) score at least one stack of Epic Past Life Fast Healing.  Starting off with a Daily Double Ding!

Aapex Predator, Bladeforged paladin (level 28)

He’s still my brute at-cap and is remaining so.  According to my notes, his “official” goal for the year is to “be less pointy,” which I don’t think I actually wrote in the original post.  (I might have, I’ll have to check.  –Ed.)  To this extent, he has officially not started his goal for the year, since he remains very much pointy and sharp.  But, as this isn’t a real in-game goal, I’m not sure whether to mark this one as completed or not started.  So, er, dong?

Tubbho Lard, dwarf monkleric (level 24;  16 mnk/4 clr/4 epic)

Whoa.  This is a doozy of a goal – finish Epic Completionist by the end of the year.  He currently has his Primal sphere done (three stacks of Fast Healing) and two in his Martial sphere (6% doublestrike) and is sitting at 24 towards his final Martial life.  I’m going to have to rein in the alt-itis a little bit if I plan on keeping this goal.. which is going to be tricky, considering how much fun I’m having with the “accidental Shuricannon” lately.  Alas, no ding.

Alts  (because I have just a couple)

Bholgrin Stoneforge, dwarf romunkadin (level 28;  12 pal/7 mnk/1 rog/8 epic)

After taking over as my “favor farmer” and screaming past my previous farmer’s record, Bhol’s been mostly collecting dust except for a few runs here and there to lend support and/or loot hunting.  Which is a shame, as he’s a remarkably versatile toon with solid survivability… and saving throws through the roof for a first-lifer (his lowest is +61).   Sadly, his two goals of “hit 5,000 favor” and “mark a completion on every quest” haven’t seen any movement at all.  It seems I’ll have some PUG-hunting to do in the future.. or post some of my own, for those lesser-run quests/raids that I don’t know.  Chalk up another non-ding – but there’s still nine and a half months to go, right?  Right.

Cupcaque Glitter Sprinkles, half-orc ranger/rogue (level 11;  10 rgr/1 rog)

This was a pretty simple goal – just make it to 20 and see how things go.  I have mentioned previously how this particular build was entirely for “something new” flavor, and I can’t seem to get in the groove with him – yeah, nothing’s changed since then.  I think I have logged him on once since, just to check and see if he had any Mysterious Remnants in his bags.  (He didn’t.)  The next time I see some buddies running Heroic content in the level range, I might log him on and give him some time – otherwise, this will probably wait until October or November, when I’m panicking on far less attainable goals.

Felldar, Bladeforged palificer (level 26;  15 pal/5 art/6 epic)

At the time of the original goals writing, Felldar hadn’t hit 20 on his Heroic Palificer 2.0 build yet.  That didn’t take long to remedy, however.  His two goals were to 1) make it to Epics, and 2) give Epics a try.  If by “give it a try” one means “six levels and only shelved because I got distracted with another toon,” then both of them were more than achieved.  Double Ding-burger with cheese!

Chunky Dragon

“You’re quite a bit chunkier than your Faerun cousins, you know that? Must be that all-giant diet.” – Felldar

Gorruk Bouldertongue, dwarf fighter (level 21)

Hmm.. yeah, nope.  No goals here.  I’ve been using him to farm for Heroic mats since he’s still low enough level that he can play 19’s without the massive jump in difficulty at 20 with no penalty.  Other than that, he’s pretty much sitting pretty.  Since his goal was effectively “gather dust,” and he’s doing just that, I’m calling this one another ding.

Immano of Llawriennal, elf clonk (level 20;  17 clr/3 mnk)

His only goal was to cap out Unyielding Sentinel, since he’s unofficially “never allowed to level.”  I keep him around specifically to help friends with That Last Push To 20 and/or introductory Epic play.  Since neither of those situations have come up lately, he’s lagging behind on his goal;  the last time I checked, he was at Unyielding level 3.  Luckily, that’s a pretty quick goal to finish off, and those last two levels can easily be done in a single evening if I sit down and put my mind to it.  However… it hasn’t been done, so no ding.

Kiljoen Lorebringer, dwarf sorcerer (level 22)

The only thing preventing Kiljoen from getting dusty is the fact he’s in fire elemental apotheosis at all times.  Dust doesn’t gather on fire.  (But it also doesn’t smell pleasant, either.)  The goal was to get him to 23, specifically so he could equip Twilight.  I think I’ve logged him on once since then, and that was to roll through Frame Work and incinerate everything just for kicks.  Seeing as how he has no plans to actually equip Twilight at this juncture, and the regular readers of this blog already know my opinions about spellthrowers, he’ll probably be one of the later goals I tackle.  Meh.

Khail Ironfist, dwarf monk (level 24)

I had written Khail’s goals before finally giving in and LR’ing him this past weekend, and there were two:  1) finish out Grandmaster of Flowers, and finally finish his Sun Soul set.  Both of which he did with flying colors – Grandmaster is capped, he’s stepped over to Unyielding with a few of the toys from GMoF twisted in, and his Sun Soul Set is now complete with a Spider-Spun Caparison upgraded to be a part of it.  With his reincarnation and becoming fine-tuned to more current monk expectations, he’s also earned himself a set of Tier 1 Thunder-Forged Handwraps in honor of “becoming a real boy.”  In short, another Double Ding-burger with cheese!  And yes, I’d like fries with that.  Because I’m greedy.

Loghainn Goldstrum, dwarf bard (level 21)

Hmmm… according to my notes, Loghainn’s personal quest for 2015 was to “stop the domestic abuse of chinchillas by cereal companies.”  While I’m sure PETA would support such an initiative, I’m pretty positive that doesn’t occur very often in Eberron or Faerun.  In short, I didn’t have any goals with him – there was a briefly-lived idea for Loghainn to play the arcane caster counterpart to Socks’ “morkcerer” (sorcerer-in-Grandmaster-of-Flowers-pretending-to-be-a-monk) Epic life, but that didn’t last very long.  After a hilarious (and highly inebriated) run through the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar on Casual with the two, we moved to a real quest.. and promptly got trounced.  As it turns out, a morkcerer is not a replacement for an actual front-line monk… at least, not without a lot of gearing towards that purpose, which would have killed Socks’ casting ability.. so Loghainn went back on the shelf.  But, since there aren’t any cereal companies encouraging domestic chincilla abuse in DDO, I’m calling that one a win.  Ding!

Madfinger Runewarden, dwarf artificer (level 23)

At the time I wrote the goals post, I estimated that I would get to Madfinger “sometime in the fall.”  Well, apparently, the “fall” takes place in early February, because that’s what I did.  I swapped him over to Shiradi Champion – which, by the way, is absolutely nuts with a machine gun – and skipped along to twenty-three so he could equip Needle, Quill-slinger long before my anticipated window ever came up.  In short, premature ding-ulation!  (That…sounded awkward…)

Mattok Shalefinder, ex-dwarf confused cleric, current dwarf favored soul (level 9)

Back when the original goals were made, Mat was still a cleric trying to figure out what direction he was going to go.  His goal then was just to make it to 20 – well, I did that, and TR’ed him into a flavored pole as mentioned previously.  In short, ding!

Orsyn Burr, dwarf palificer (level  21;  15 pal/5 art/1 epic)

The Original Artadin, Orsyn sort of kind of (exactly) tripped and fell to the side when Felldar, Artadin 2.0 barreled past with a vengeance.  I must have anticipated that happening when I wrote the first post, since I gave him a pretty loose and easy goal of “cap Unyielding Sentinel.”  Which.. he hasn’t done.  Mostly because I haven’t played him much.. although I did give him some wicked new cosmetics for his axe.  But, all that being nothing really productive – Orsyn, no ding for you.

Uldwin Skyreaver, dwarf druid (level 20)

Ahhh, something else I can mark off as completed!  Uldwin’s goal was simply to hibernate;  as he spends almost all of his time in the dire bear Wild Shape, it’s already done!  Woot!  Ding!

Uldwena Skyreaver, dwarf barbarian (level 26)

Her original goal was simply to get all three ranks of Fast Healing.  That was it.  And that was all I was going to do, honest.  But she was just too much fun and screamed through to twenty-six before I realized it.  Oops?  Oh, well, it’s still something else I get to finish with DING!


Uldwena having a sit-down in front of a beholder. It’s amazing what a Spell Resistance of 74 will let you pull off.

Varjek Lorebringer, dwarf wizard (level 20)

This goal was a pretty tricky one, in that I’m not sure quite how I’m going to execute it.  In short.. play poker with a skeleton?  Hmm.  I have a bunch of cards of various types that I could pass to him.. and finding a skeleton isn’t tricky – especially when you can summon one on a whim.  However, it’s the nuances of poker that would make this task pretty tricky, in addition to the rather limited deck of cards one can create in-game.  After all, while I’m sure it wouldn’t be very tricky to bluff a skull without a brain, it’d be much more difficult to get a read on one, as well.. and skeletons certainly wouldn’t comprehend any sort of advanced deck-play strategy.  About the closest thing that could be done would be play five-card stud, and to that end, he might as well just play video poker.  Except they don’t have video poker machines in Eberron… well, poop.  And would the skeleton even know if it won or lost, in the first place?  This seems to be a pretty “dead” goal… okay, that was a rotten pun for a necromancer and a skeleton.  Although, as unfulfilling as it might be, I’m still marking this one off as a… dong.  Because it’s not quite a ding.

Walreign Aggron, dwarf ranger (23)

The irony behind this one is that his goals were actually finished before the Thol’s Goals for 2015 post was even published.  I tend to space posts out at least a day or so apart, to avoid flooding feeds and the like.. and it was during one of these “spaces” that he completed his goals of hitting 23, equipping Pinion, Cloud-piercer, and capping Shiradi Champion.  So, pre-emptive ding?  Pre-ding?  Dingception?

Whall, dwarf favored soul (28)

I have to pretend to be somewhat sheepish, here.  I gave Whall a “weak” goal of merely capping Unyielding Sentinel (a pretty common one, in my roster).  That most certainly happened.  Along with level cap, gobs of gear, and tons of giggling while enemy attacks whiffed past his head or he voluntarily ate ballistae bolts in the face.  So.. yeah.  Far beyond completed, but I can’t say anything extra, since there was only one really easy goal listed.  Meh.  But, ding, nonetheless!

Whall at the drider dance party, hosted by Socks.

Whall at the drider dance party, hosted by Socks.

Whong Fei-Hung, halfling monk/rogue (25;  17 mnk/3 rog/5 epic)

Wow, now this is embarrassing.  The toon that has been taking up a large chunk of my time for the past several days, that I repurposed from stick-monk to Shiradi Shuricannon with delightful success, didn’t even have a goal for 2015.  That meant I considered him as being “indefinitely shelved” at the time I wrote it.  Even my notes regarding the 2015 goals just read get taller next to Fei-Hung’s name… which, of course he can’t do.  Well, not without TRing, but that’s not on the books right now.  The sad thing is it has come to my attention he will need to be set aside, if I’m going to keep up with the major outstanding goals.


That’s a lot of information to keep track of.  This little summary is mostly to help me figure out where to go next to finish these out before December 31st, 2015.

  •         Tubbho Lard only needs to collect 44,006,454 more XP for Epic Completionist.  That should only take about fifteen minutes on a good day.  (#sarcasm)
  •         Bholgrin Stoneforge needs 767 favor and a dozen and a half (or so) more quests to complete.
  •         Cupcaque Glitter Sprinkles is a mere 1,370,000 experience points to get to 20.  Compared to Uncle Tubbs, that’s like a cupcakewalk!
  •         Immano of Llawriennal needs roughly 1,200,000 experience points to cap out Unyielding Sentinel.  However, that’s in Epic play, and will be significantly easier than Cupcaque’s goal (in spite of how similar the numbers are).
  •         Kiljoen Lorebringer needs another 600,000 XP to get from level 22 to 23.  If this were one of my divine melees, I’d say I’d have this done tonight.  Alas, he’s not.
  •         Orsyn Burr is almost done, with only 900,000 XP to go to finish out Unyielding Sentinel.

And… after double-checking.. that’s it!  Certainly seems a lot less daunting than before… well, at least with the number of characters that have goals outstanding.  I mean, that’s only 48,076,454 experience points by December 31st.. which is, what, only 155,587 XP per day?

Hmm.. come to think of it, that’s totally doable, especially since all but one of them is in Epic play.  Cranking out a million Epic XP in an evening isn’t terribly difficult, after all, so 155K a day is completely feasible.  The last bits of Bholgrin’s favor/quest completion, on the other hand, might be a touch trickier.  But applying some actual numbers to the challenges present, well, let’s just say that gave me a bit more inspiration that the monstrous list of Goals for 2015 (which I never really expected to fully complete) might be completely doable.

Well, if that’s the case, then I might have to add a few more to it – after all, what’s the point of a challenge if it isn’t challenging?  Then here we go – after completing all of the above goals, I’m officially adding that every Epic-ready* toon make it to 28 before the end of the year.  Call it the Elite version of my goals list.

Of course, I’ll throw a caveat on that:  If Turbine actually pushes the level cap to 30 this year, I’ll settle for my current at-cap toons to be pushed to 30.  Hmm, if that happens… that’ll severely slow down Uncle Tubbs’ epic reincarnation.  Time to kick that into high gear.  But… I might have to spend a few more hours to squee with Fei-Hung’s Shuricannon ridiculousness beforehand.

Looks like I’ve got my marching orders for the next few months – do you have yours in line?  😉

* “Epic-ready” presently excludes Kiljoen the sorcerer, Varjek the wizard, Uldwin the druid, and Loghainn the Spellsinger bard.  They’re not bad characters, but they just aren’t ready for Epics as they’re currently built.


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