Reincarnating NPCs?

So, I couldn’t help but notice something while bouncing between the Mimic Hunt Collector and the nearby banker in Eveningstar.

Borstrand Mettlewinter is the banker in Eveningstar, located just south of the “Village Square.”  Here, Borstrand is a slightly tubby human with light skin and a greying beard.


Borstrand Mettlewinter in Eveningstar

While in the Hall of Heroes, however, he’s still slightly tubby, but has red skin and a differently-styled darker beard.


Borstrand Mettlewinter in the Forgotten Realms Hall of Heroes

Is this a twin?  A strange effect of the light refracting off Venus through swamp gas that results in different skin tone and loss of a moustache?  A reincarnated NPC?  Or perhaps an evil clone sleeper agent from a pending Shavarath invasion of Eveningstar?

Or, perhaps, the devs just got bored and accidentally re-created him with only 70% continuity.  Nah, that couldn’t be it.  Check for Tieflings whenever you’re in the Hall of Heroes.  Because Tieflings are like roaches – if you see one, there’s bound to be more hiding around nearby, and probably a slew of teleporting barbazu or orthons, to boot.

Also, if you’re reading this, Turbine – the kiddos in Impossible Demands‘  last name is Midler.  “Milder” is a type of chicken wing or salsa.



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