On Storage Methods

When you have a score of toons, it can sometimes be tricky to keep all of that loot organized.  Lots of folks take care of this storage space issue through the use of bank toons or “mules.”  I don’t have any free slots for that luxury – so I’ve come up with my own system.  After all, shared bank space is at a pretty major premium, as is personal bank space!

And, except in rare occurrences, it works beautifully.  (Such as when I apparently deleted two pieces of the Abishai set under the assumption another toon had them.  He didn’t.  Oops.)

Obviously, my “mains” keep their own gear for when they TR, and tend not to share much of it.  After all, it’s theirs, and I’m OCD in that regard.  The biggest trick is that my alternate toons that double as storage each have their “thing,” which is very closely related to what their life relates to.  This helps me keep what they carry in their bank straight.  For example:

  •         Gorruk the heavy armor greataxe fighter keeps heavy armor and axes of all kinds
  •         Khail the Shintao monk keeps handwraps and outfits
  •         Kiljoen the sorcerer keeps anything arcane, oh, and ioun stones
  •         Loghainn the bard keeps bardly things (Nightsinger’s Mantles, Mad Lutes, etc.)
  •         Madfinger the artificer keeps rune arms and the stock of tasty repeaters currently not in use
  •         Mattok the cleric keeps shields and clericky things
  •         Walreign the Arcane Archer keeps bows, light armor, and, when they were unbound, Quivers of Poison
  •         Whong the (ex) stick monk keeps sticks
  •         Bholgrin keeps longswords and doubles as my librarian, keeping unbound tomes (okay, he’s the exception)

By keeping this sort of organization, rather than having everything clustered randomly onto a series of bank toons, I can usually find the given item I’m looking for with only a single relog.  Looking for a set of Adamantine Knuckles? Odds are that Khail has it.  Do I need an Upgrade Tome of Nose-Picking?  If I have it, it’s on Bholgrin.  Token of the Faithful?  Check on Mat.

Granted, it’s not foolproof, since not every item category is covered.  When I rolled Cupcaque up, I had to log on each and every toon with any trapping ability to try and find the spare Jeweler’s Loupe  that I had – or, at least, thought I had.  After giving up and simply farming another one from Sorrowdusk and dozens of game hours later, I found it, hidden in the back tab of my barbarian of all toons.  Oh well!

The basic premise, however, should help most players that have several alts.  Heck, even bank toons that aren’t played could be done in a similar fashion:  make a bank toon a certain class to give it a mnemonic device.  The level 1 cleric, for example, could hold shields, maces, devotion items, and heavy armor.  The level 1 barbarian bank toon could hold medium armor as well as two-handed weapons, and so on and so forth and yadda-yadda-yadda and et cetera.

Mostly, I’m putting this idea out there to help folks who have bank toons and no organization.. who may or may not live in one specific area of the world… who may or may not have “lost” dozens of items in their myriad bank toons… who may or may not read this blog and/or know who it is I’m talking about…..

..and no, it’s not you, Socks.



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