Mimicking Mimicry

So the Mimic Hunt came! It also went, too.. with a silent little poof.

Seriously, I didn’t even know the event had ended until I’d logged in Monday and the little campaign objective popped up saying “Participate in the Mimic Hunt:  Completed.”  Um, wow.  That was somewhat unexpected.  So, here’s my thoughts on the “festival,” as it were, both good and bad.

Things I Liked:

I really dug that the event wasn’t an intrusion on my daily questing unless I wanted it to be;  I could continue to do my daily grind, questing as usual, and acquire motes from the randomly generated mimics.  That was nice.  I also had the option of doing what the hardcore farmers did, and spam the heck out of Irestone Inlet and The Stormreaver Fresco, should I choose to.  (I didn’t.)  But the bottom line remained being that I was getting free bonus stuff for playing the way I was going to be playing anyway.  Free stuff for free?  COOL!  Did I mention free?  As in, no measurable increase in play-effort required?  Yes, plz, kthxbai.  Wootz, and all those other meme-like words.

As much as fighting the actual mimics could get aggravating at times (in Epics, at least), the “on-your-toes” factor was pretty slick.  Frankly, I’d love to see them drop the mimic spawn rate down to 1% or so per chest, and leave the chance to spawn a mimic on every chest permanently – even without a reward.  As much as I may have complained about it to myself, after playing with the mimics off, it felt… weird opening a chest and immediately backflipping out of range, only to remind myself oh, right, they’re gone.  Wait… they’re gone?

And mimic pets!!!  Okay, I’m a pet fiend, so sue me.  I did manage to score two of them during the event.  ^_^

Things I Liked… Not So Much:

Mimic Frenzy?  Was there ever a Mimic Frenzy on Orien?  Being completely honest, I haven’t the foggiest idea.  With no worldwide announcement, and being that I wasn’t actively farming them, I don’t know if I was ever online during a frenzy, or if I was simply (un)lucky during a few chest pulls.  I’m sure there are some Orien players that can confirm there had or had not been a frenzy during the times I was playing (which is quite a bit, as I don’t have a life), but I’m not able to do so.  That lack of a global announcement made the entire Mimic Frenzy part a bit of a let down.  How am I supposed to be excited about a mechanic I don’t even know if it worked or not?

The Demonweb mimics.  Okay, so there was supposed to be a “replacement chest” that popped up when a mimic appeared, and it didn’t, but we still had the glowing pile of gold that said Chest Loot on it.  Whateva.  In the Demonweb, however, where chests are (for lack of a better term) “Facehugger Eggs” from the Aliens franchise, that have no glowing gold, they simply turned invisible.  Flat-out invisible.  The only way to find where they were was to know where the chest was and then wander about that area with your mouse until you happened to stumble across the right set of invisible pixels, or use Q and E (or whatever your keymapping equivalent is) and wander about mashing the Interact button until you happened to be within range.  Not.  Cool.  Especially after wrangling a victory from an Epic Elite run, nearly getting yourself digested by the loot box, and then limping around like a blind, decapitated chicken screaming “WHERE’S MY LOOT???”

What is there to say about the turn-ins?  Perhaps I’m jaded.. but.. eh.  I do know, however, if that I had turned in 20 Lost Motes after some serious farming, got my cards, and turned them in for a single potion of Inflict Critical Wounds, I probably would have been upset.  Very upset.  Luckily, I didn’t, but only thanks to the wiki keeping me informed on which combinations were actually worth something – and since the majority of the loot was Mabar gear… well, let’s just say that having checked the wiki in the first place is what fueled my decision to not farm anything for it.  Why?

Oh, it’s mostly Mabar loot that you’ve already had.

Hey, wait, there’s some pretty nifty things you don’t!  A chance to get some nice augments and tomes you didn’t get to score last festival!

…Oh, wait, they all require cards IX and X.


Speaking of the turn-ins.. um, a little warning, maybe?  For almost every other event (including the previous card event), the method of “cashing in” your spoils stuck around for a while after the event itself was over.  While, technically, the dates of the Mimic Hunt were announced and the stop date was published, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking the Lost Mote Collector should have stuck around for at least a few days more.  I can’t say I’m all butt-hurt about it, though, because my intentions were more “let’s get these motes and cards out of my bag storage bank” and less “zomg lewtz.”  I suppose they’ll hang around until the next Mimic Hunt and I’ll crunch them, then.  Because, hoarder.

(Side Note:  For those players who have not been around for the previous Mabar Festivals of Endless Night, this might be the first opportunity you’ve had to see and/or score this loot.  In this case, I probably sound like one of those grumpy old-timers.  For you, the Mimic Hunt loot might still be exciting – and more power to you, if it is.  I’m also relatively sure that, much like Crystal Cove, the majority of the turn-ins won’t change for precisely that reason – and if they do, I’ll happily send you my 1-8 cards on Orien the next time it comes ’round.  Shopping spree for you!)

Things I’d Like to See A Little Differently

First off, “random” doesn’t offset “hardcore grinding.”  It’s a pure luck system – someone who pulls 20 motes could score two IX’s while someone who pulls 20,000 motes could pull zero.  I’d much rather see it as a luck-of-the-draw and purchase system – you want a guaranteed Card X, it’s gonna cost you 2,000 motes.  The Card IX you want to crunch it with?  1,800 motes.  Good luck farming… or maybe you’ll get lucky and score ’em both in only a couple hundred on a random draw?  (Granted, duping makes this idea useless, but they fixed that – right?  Right, Turbine?)

Turn down the volume on the mini-mimic pets.  Seriously.  My earholes are bleeding.  I love the two that I have, but they stay locked up because I’M SORRY CAN U PLZ TYPE IN PARTY I CAN’T HEAR YOU YELLING OVER MY MINI-MIMIC CLANGING JANGLING AROUND.

I’ve said before that I want the mimics to stay around permanently with a lower spawn rate, even without a reward system – and I stand by that.  Give it a 1% or less spawn rate – rare enough that players will relax and the mimic will really blindside the opener when he pops.  After all, isn’t that what mimics do??  Isn’t that kind of their professional thing?

A little bit more balance between the Heroic and Epic mimics.  Not so much in the sense of turning the Epic ones down – after all, Epic Hard and Epic Elite are supposed to be hard and elite and being careless on Epic Elite should get you wiped.  The Heroic ones, however – let’s be honest, here, those were a bloody joke.  Every single one I encountered was either one- or two-shotted, and that includes mimics from Elite Shavarath.  It kind of.. dampens the threat when they’re so laughably easy – until, that is you log one of your Epic toons, and suddenly mimic slobber is a very real concern.

The consumables really needed to have their quantities checked.  Two cards for one potion of inflict serious wounds?   Seriously?  I’d be peeved to heck if that had been random.  Two cards for a stack of 25?  Hmm.  Okay, that’s a little easier to swallow.  Three Oils of Incandescence for two cards?  Alright, that’s better.  Now we’re talking.  I understand some of the summon crystals, sure – but for the consumables and pots that don’t stack with our normal ones (oh, yay, a gloomy potion of restoration that… doesn’t stack with my other potions of restoration and does the same thing… yeah, I’m not even going to bother putting that on my hotbar) it seems kind of tricky to get excited about.

Surprisingly, I’m not going to complain about the Mimic Hunt containing Mabar gear.  Here’s why:  the original intent, as far as I can tell, was that the Mmic Hunt was going to be our replacemebt Mabar Festival.  They mentioned on the forums that Mabar as we know it is dead, and that we would “get a preview of the new festival after the Risia Ice Games next year.”  Well, it sort of morphed out of that role after the player response effectively threatened to have the entire staff at Turbine hunted and impaled in front of Starbucks if that were the case.  (Okay, that’s slightly paraphrased.  –Ed.)  However, they’ve since retracted that stance and are continuing to work on “new Mabar” for the Halloween season this year.  In that regard, I’m happy – as it also means that, should the Mimic Hunt return, there’s the chance for different gear in the turn-in tables.  As such, I’m going to be patient, keep ‘hold of all my Mabar and Mimic Hunt shtuff (it fits nicely in the Shared Bag Deposit Box), and see what comes of it.  For the newer players to the game, this might have been their first chance to really score some Mabar gear after last years’ festival met an untimely demise.  I will, however, be disappointed if we have a “New Mabar” and the next Mimic Hunt has… Mabar gear in it.

The last comment I have (at least on this topic!) is a little more intangible.  Most events, in the past, have had some changes made to the environment around us to instill the “feel” of the event – the Risia Ice Games/Midwinter Festival had the snow, Festivult had the Jester and “reindeer” winter wolves, Old Mabar had the Jack-O-Lanterns and changed the entire Delera’s Graveyard…. I just can’t say that the Mimic Hunt “felt festival-ey.”  Aside from the mimics themselves popping up, the only other changes were the appearance of the Lost Mote Collectors in the Hall of Heroes.  If you didn’t swing by that way – well, there wasn’t much of anything different from “normal” playtime.  Even with the event being “off,” it is pretty much invisible, other than mimics stopped spawning.  Hunh.  Kind of left the tail end of the event with a fizzle and not an “oh, it’s over.”  While I’m not sure what would exactly entail mimic decorations in the first place – say, wanted posters with treasure chests on them pasted about city regions? – it would still be nice to have had something.  Just so that it actually, you know, felt like a festival.  Instead of regular questing.  With mimics.


I’m not going to go out and put the effort on blast.  It wasn’t a complete failure as some folks are saying, nor was it an utter waste of time (at least, not in my experience).  What did happen was a neat thing – random mimic-ing – which was strewn about everyday questing, and for doing what you were going to do anyway, you got stuff.  In that respect, I consider the concept a pretty cool success and a great idea to build off of.  Does it need refinement?  Sure, but nothing in its first iteration is ever perfect.  While I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy or excited about the event, that doesn’t mean it won’t make me be, in future iterations… and it definitely isn’t something that needs to be “scrapped entirely,” as some have said.  At least, that’s my opinion.  So there.  HA!



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