Summer Smoked my DPS

Editor’s Note:  I wrote this post on the 16th, but didn’t get to publish it until now.  Because, reasons.  So all time references in this text may seem wonky.

Draegloth dance party!

Draegloth dance party! panda.


Over the weekend, I encountered an “interesting” bug.

At this point, I’m not entirely certain how pervasive it is, or how far the effects go, but I’ll outline what we found.

The party consisted of my buddy Von and I – Von, a paladin leveling Primal Avatar, and myself leveling in Magister at the time.  Von had just put some points into Summer Smoke, and was noodling around with it to see how it helped.

We didn’t know it at the time, but that’s where the problems started.

While running through The Deal and the Demon on Epic Hard, I kept noticing my handwraps glitching.  I would “lose” every effect aside from base weapon damage until I swapped out to another weapon and back, at which point, they would return to functioning normally… or so I thought.  Every twenty seconds or so, it seemed, they would revert back to base damage only.

Quite frankly, it was making me livid.

At first, we thought it was something I had changed with my destiny – some crazy bug with an effect I’d put points into in Magister, just to spend the points.  After all, the destiny wasn’t giving Uncle Tubbs much of anything.  So I recalled, reset the points, and left them unspent.  Then went back into the Demonweb again… only to have the issue continue.

Then I figured it was something crazier, and I relogged.  No dice, the wraps still reverted to base damage frequently.  By this point, I was ready to switch toons and figure it out later.

That was when I noticed Summer Smoke kept popping up on my hotbar, right around the time the effect happened – and I asked Von if he was using Summer Smoke.

He mentioned yes, he was, and had been toggling it off and on to perform cost/benefit analysis and see if the ability was worth keeping.  Having been listening to my steadily increasing aggravation, the light bulb seemed to click over both our heads at pretty much the same time.

Was it Summer Smoke that was causing the problem?

So Von left it off for a while – and guess what?  No issues.  Then, as the test to our control, he toggled it on with me standing right next to him.  I went and punched a spider, and sure enough, I had been reverted back to base damage.  Toggled weapons, restored them to “normal,” walked back into the aura, punched a drow soul, and went right back to base damage.


So now we had identified the culprit – but there are so many variables to consider.  I didn’t recall having any complaints when I was using Summer Smoke on Uncle Tubbs, himself – but, then again, I was running with Socks’ sorcerer at the time, who wasn’t exactly whacking things in melee combat constantly.   Is this something that only glitches with a paladin, some clash with the pre-existing aura?  Any character with a passive aura effect?  Perhaps, it is something that only affects monks in the aura?  Unarmed fighters?  Dwarves?  Dwarf monks who melee with thunder-forged wraps equipped with a squirrel eyeball  in the orange slot?  Everybody who melees?  The list of possibilities is pretty long.

The take-away from this post, however, is pretty straightforwrard.  If you’re a melee, and you notice your weapons wigging out for no immediately apparent reason – check to see if you have Summer Smoke in your list of active effects.  If you do, you might consider politely asking the Primal Avatar in your party if they would kindly leave Summer Smoke toggled off and their seat backs in the full upright position until the questing comes to a full and complete stop.  The captain will turn off the Fasten Seat Belts sign when it is safe to resume Summer Smoking.

Happy Slaying!


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