Epic Blitzkrieg, and an Apology

So the past ten days have been filled with a rather psychotic blitz of Epic questing.  After picking myself (and my ego) back up off the ground and getting back into the groove with Uncle Tubbs, I threw out all the stops and went on an experience-grinding flurry-fest.  And I may or may not owe some folks an apology or two.

There was no “last stop, everybody off” call during this period.  I had one (1) obsessive goal in mind, and put the blinders on to nearly everything else:  get those Arcane sphere Epic past lives done and get back into Divine.  Now is not soon enough.  Afterwards, I told myself, I would take a break from Tubbs for a little while – after all, there are still nine whole months left to get the remaining three done.

It was exhausting, but it’s now done.  Whew.  Uncle Tubbs can take a breather after being run practically non-stop in my free time for almost two weeks straight at retardedly high speeds, averaging 2.9 sagas and 1.283M XP per night.  Holy ox tails, my eyeballs are bleeding.  And yes, I ate up a chunk of my stash of Sov Pots in the process.

I’ve done two million Epic in a night before during “crazy push” nights, but never sustained over such a long period of time.  That’s some serious intensity – but it proves one thing I used to mock:  it is, in fact, possible to require a Complete Reincarnation Timer Reset without eating a stone.  Granted, I only had three hours to wait, but, who cares.  I was impatient.  I drank it anyway.  I wanted that Arcane sphere done and nothing was going to stand in my way.

Afterwards, Uncle Tubbs ER’ed (again!!), and I parked him on the airship, to swap over and take a break with my Accidental Shuricannon.  This build is delightfully fun, even if he’s a “rear-line” player and front line is more of my thing.   While goofing off with him and helping Socks and a few other friends with some Epic experience, he accidentally hit 28 – a little more “oops” than anything else, as he still needed 2.4M for Primal to Epic Reincarnate.

Wait, what?  Yes, I said it.  I hadn’t originally intended to do anything but sidle him up to 28 and keep Fei-Hung around as a novelty shuricannon build, but… holy cow.  He’s too much bloody fun to leave stagnant, and some Epic Past Lives would just add a bit more deliciousness.  (Moar DEX and WIS, plz?  kthxbai.)  So after tossing a few things around – including a +3 Lesser Heart of Wood to remove the now-detracting Rogue levels and make him a pure Monk – I’ve been casually putzing about and accruing more experience and Heart Seeds.

And, frankly, not having a care in the world what quests are being run.  Which, after the past week-and-a-half of pushing the server.. and, okay, the patience of my buddies, as well, to the limits (“I can’t keep up with him even with Wind Dance,”  “holy crap man slow down,” “what do you mean you’re at the boss already?” – amongst other comments and complaints), has been an amazing feeling of relief.  So to Socks, Von, Esh, Wreist, Raz, and anyone else I’m forgetting that have had to put up with the “Tubbho Lard GTFO Of Arcane Epic Blitz-Fest” over the past ten days or so, here’s a heartfelt I’m sorry, and thanks for sticking around through the insanity.


I promise I’m much more chill now.  For honests.  ^_^

Whong Fei-Hung still has, um, a million and change to go.  The mere fact I don’t have an exact tally burning in my brain is evidence enough I’m back to my normal relaxed self;  I may or may not have kept up with (read:  annoyed everyone with) “ER minus 314K!”  “ER minus 209K!”  “64K to go!” messages on social media.  Blergh.  Glad that’s done and over with!

Socks and I even did a hilariously over-powered 100-favor dash on another server, just to unwind.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with taking a pair of Iconics through Korthos, right?  I didn’t think so.

Why am I still rambling on?  I suppose you could say there is a point, of sorts;  and that is I let a finite goal (complete Arcane) get in the way of actually enjoying the game.  Truth be told, that’s more or less what I’m apologizing for, to those whom I’ve come to call friends over the past several months.  So, blah, blah, yeah, warm sappy friendship stuff.


And cake.  There was cake above.  #priorities



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