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In the wake of yesterday’s “fiasco,” I feel the need to get some things off my chest.  Might offend a few readers, but oh well.

As a software developer myself, I will amongst the first in line to remind the masses of players that the “perfect world” scenario where every conceivable issue is rigorously play tested behind the scenes is very much not the reality.  Often, developers are well aware of issues and have reported them, but The Powers That Be make the executive decision to push forward in spite of these reports.

I’ve been subjected to that form of “executive idiocy” on a number of occasions.  And let me tell you, it’s the worst position to be in as the developer – because regardless of who makes the call, it’s the developer who gets flamed for any unforeseen issues which cropped up during and/or after testing.  And many times, issues that are found during testing are completely unexpected and require some pretty hefty research to fix.

Research requires time.  Time is the one variable that most developers don’t have in abundance.

Often, even once the root cause of an issue/bug/glitch is found, more research is required to figure out how to cause it to stop without a) breaking something else, b) rewriting all of your modifications (which runs the risk of newer bugs), or – worse – c) rewriting established code.

No developer ever wants their code to act with unwanted or unintended consequences.  It reflects badly on them as a person.  And the developers for DDO truly love their craft and product.  They, as human beings like you and me, and not a faceless entity called “The Devs,” want the finished product to be beautiful and lovely and work brilliantly, just as much as you or I do.

Blasting them on the forums or on Facebook posts, calling them ignorant, imbecilic, stupid, retarded, or other names doesn’t help anything.  (All of those and more were on the DDO Facebook page last night.)  All that does is make you look ungrateful and immature.  There were several posts I saw last night on their Facebook page which could very likely be interpreted as outright threats of physical violence – I watched one person post that he was going to “go Islam” (which was pretty offensive, in and of itself, combining a religious slur with a death threat) on Turbine and that “flying a plane [into their] headquarters is looking like a good idea.”

Really?  What is that going to solve, even if you went through with it?  Congratulations, the game you love (yet will flame endlessly, in spite of playing it for 40+ hours a week, in all likelihood) would then shut down permanent-like, you’d be dead or severely injured and incarcerated.  Sure, this is a level-headed solution to the problem.

Does anybody really think that the Turbine employees wanted to spend the entire day and well into the night sweating bullets on full-on DEFCON 1 mode?  Yes, that’s what it was – they did it intentionally.  Sure, this is a logical assumption of what happened.  They truly finished the patch at 10a.m. EST and decided to just leave them down on purpose to irritate players.   Mmm-hmm.  Pardon me whilst I eye-roll hard enough that you’ll hear it.

That sound?  Yeah, that was my sarcasm.

For those that were clamoring (quite loudly) for “recompense” for the service you pay for:  let me ask you this:  Do you call up your cell provider and demand refunds for every second of your plan where you were without signal?  Do you demand credit for the power you could have used when the power is out from the electric company?  If it rains and obscures your satellite connection, do you demand refunds from the satellite company?  My wager is no.  And yet here you are, getting all up on your holier-than-thou high horse about what (at most) is $0.19 for nine and a half hours of unintended downtime – and that’s at the most expensive $14.99/mo price plan.  Really?  If you’re seriously going to get all “uppity” and victim/martyr over nineteen cents, please leave your toon names and servers in the comments below, so I know to never PUG with your characters.  And if you want to do the same to me, that’s fine.  My characters are listed here and found on the Orien server.  Go ahead and squelch them all.

To Turbine:  Wow, I feel for being in your shoes.  I hope some of you got half of today off to recover from that madness.  And please don’t let the flamers get under your skin – turn it around and view it from the player’s perspective:  the frustration that fueled such negativity and undeservingly harsh comments was driven by the fact that they were unable to play the wonderful work that is your product, Dungeons & Dragons Online.   Sure, it didn’t go smoothly, but hiccups always happen.

Was I disappointed I missed out on a chunk of playing for a day?  Sure, I was.  But posting angry and hateful things accomplishes nothing more than making someone not want to create content for your enjoyment.

Turn it around:  If you put thousands of hours of work into a product and launched it, only to receive the type of responses seen on the forums?  You’d probably want to tell those individuals to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Now the developers and community managers can’t do that – after all, everyone is entitled to their opinion – but acting like an ignorant spaz who knows how to type little more than hateful expletives is a pretty lousy way to represent how much you do enjoy about the game.

Okay, that’s enough of a soapbox rant, I suppose.  Wait, no it isn’t.

Seriously, people.  Shit happens.  Grow up and get over it.

There, now I’m done.  I promise something lighter next post.



  1. The only thing that surprised me was when someone suggested that they rollback and redeploy the previous version and Cordovan indicated that they didn’t have that capacity.

    I found that to be very unexpected, and even reckless. I am never allowed to deploy to production without a proven, tested, rollback plan. Nor should I be.

    But maybe I misunderstood Cordovan’s comment. Or maybe he misunderstood rollback capability and conflated it with game time server rollbacks or something.

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    1. That is distressing, admitted. Although I have to wonder if that should be taken in a literal sense, or if it was more a scenario of “roll it back and you pack your boxes” leading to the statement.

      Or if the issue simply wasn’t directly related to the patch itself, i.e. fatal server boot failure, where a rollback would have been moot.

      Of course, both of those are speculation; I’m sure most of the staff was running wild and stress levels were very high. That leads to strained communication at best. In either case, the underlying point was directed at the abysmal behavior of the “fans,” some of which could easily be prosecutable as harassment at the minimum.


    2. If I indicated that we didn’t have the capacity to do a rollback, that was incorrect and I apologize. It was more a matter of which was the better option – a rollback was possible, but fixing the issue and bringing out U25 was determined to be the proper course of action.

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  2. Hell yeah. As a carpenter, my analogy is this: Nobody respects or appreciates nice stairs, but EVERYBODY notices squeaky or wobbly stairs. Props to the devs for running one hell of a good game

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