Listmania!: Not-So Favorite Quests


Previously, I’ve written about some of my most favorite quests in DDO.  Now, it’s time to take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum.. with the “not-so favorite” quests.  Okay, I’m lying;  these aren’t the quests I just simply “dislike, but will grudgingly run and complain about it;”  these are the quests I freely and openly advocate loathing for.

The Pit

Dear The Pit,

I hate you.

Sincerely, Me

There are so many reasons why I can’t stand to run this quest.  The metric pant-load of XP can’t even entice me to go deal with it.  Where should I begin, with the convoluted three-dimensional map that the developers themselves get lost in?  With the “guidebook” that “explains” what you have to do in order, that serves little more than to eat up gobs of time and confuse the heck out of you?  With the jump-rooms where one mis-step results in having to start all the way over?  Or with the nightmare gauntlet of force traps that lights the entire map up once you think you’ve finally gotten your groove?  Perhaps it should be the abysmally low drop rate for Muck’s Doom?  Alas, anyone who has ragequit this quest in the past requires no further explanation for the fury generated by this quest other than six letters, “the pit.”  For those of you that have mastered this quest and blitz it for XP (looking at you, EvenNote!), congratulations and more power to you!  I’ll stick with my Grand Master of Piking for this one.

Tomb of the Tormented

Once again, another quest worth a phenomenal amount of XP that I simply cannot stomach.  I’ve completed it a few times – and unlike The Pit, solo – so it’s not a matter of I “just don’t know it.”  No, the problem here is that I do know it, and it’s a right-proper pain in the coccyx.  While I applaud the concept of leading the zombie rat through the maze by dropping chunks of rotting flesh you’ve cut from zombies – that’s certainly unique and morbid and totally fits in the concept of the Necropolis – the idea of either a) being a zombie farmer, or b) doing the rat maze ranks right up there with “root canal” on my scale of Entertaining Times.  I fully agree with the concept that the “tormented” in this quest refers not to the zombies entombed within, but for the players subjecting themselves to this quest.

In the Demon’s Den

More accurately, this quest on Elite is on my list.  It’s mildly annoying on Hard, but Elite changes the game surrounding the win conditions to be completely off-the-wall, requiring raid-level communication and coordination through the party on a regular quest… or else you might be there for a very, very long time.  It’s by no means impossible, just incredibly frustrating and difficult.  Worse for melees, the frustrations don’t end when you finally drop the three ritualists that you must kill within -0.4 microseconds of each other – the Marilith boss is fond of rushing you with her Overrun ability (no save) and also has a knockback effect similar to those beloved Air Elementals (also no save).  Yay!  Just what I wanted, to get rag-dolled around the room repeatedly with absolutely nothing I can do about it!  Ugh.  To make matters worse, unlike the above two (who have had their base XP cranked through the roof to encourage runs), the XP rate for this one is less than that of the other Inspired Quarter quests – which are far easier to complete.

The list of quests that I actively dislike, but will run, is slightly longer;  the top two dishonorable mentions in this category are Spies in the House (screw you, air jet to the electrified floor) and Inferno of the Damned (there are raids with shorter pathings and objectives lists).


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