A Tubby Weekend

Oreo!! What are you doing?  Bad panda!

Oreo!! What are you doing? Bad panda!

It’s been a good weekend for Uncle Tubbs.

In spite of missing out on nearly a whole day’s questing XP during a Bonus Experience weekend (+30% for VIPs!) to topple The Shroud, he has just taken 27 and is within spitting distance of scoring Epic Completionist.

But wait, that’s not all!  He’s finished up his Green Steel belt to accompany his Green Steel boots – and would have a set of wraps, alas, they don’t exist;  although I might still make him a Green Steel shuriken.  To wrap up yet another project he’s been working on, I finally farmed enough Thunder-Forged Dwarven Ingots to complete his Level 26 Shadow wraps!  Woo-hoo!  So now he has a full set (well, as full as I intend to create at this point in time) of T-forged wraps.

  •         One set of 22 Blanks (not generally used, however)
  •         One set of 24’s with First Degree Burns and one with Touch of Shadows
  •         One set of 26’s with First Degree Burns/Wrath of Flames and one with Touch of Shadows/Wrath of Shadows
  •         And finally, a set of 28’s with First Degree Burns/Wrath of Flames/Crippling Flames

That was a LOT (a lot) of bleeding Ingots to farm, let me tell you!  And yes, there’s a purpose to having both Fire-based and Shadow-based sets;  there are lots of enemies where fire is less than beneficial, but negative energy damage works beautifully, and vice-versa.  As of right now, I have no intentions of grinding out enough materials to make a set of 28 Shadows, though…. as I type this, the mere concept of gathering up the materials for it make my mind want to bleed.

(Yes, I’m well aware that I could just upgrade the 26’s, but then I’d be out of a 26 pair, now, wouldn’t I?)

Okay, so the nerd in me just has to figure out how many coms and ingots that took.  That’s a total of 6 Blanks, 5 Tier Ones, 3 Tier Twos, and one Tier Three upgrade.

6 x (20 Ingots + 15 Coms) = 120 Ingots + 90 Coms

5 x (60 Ingots + 45 Coms) = 300 Ingots + 225 Coms

3 x (320 Ingots + 240 Coms) = 960 Ingots + 720 Coms

1 x (800 Ingots + 600 Coms) = 800 Ingots + 600 Coms

Sidebar:  Ingot cost for one (1) level 28 T-forged weapon:  1,200

It should be noted, even before I add up the totals, that the Tier 3 upgrade (not counting Phlostigons and scales) cost nearly as much as three separate Tier 2 upgrades.  Holy snot!  That’s another reason why I have little interest in making a set of 28 Shadow wraps.  I’ll be happy enough with my 26’s.  But, without further ado… the grand total I really don’t want to unveil…

2,180 Thunder-Forged Dwarven Ingots and 1,635 Commenations of Valor!

…..I need a life.  Desperately.  Two thousand Ingots on Tubbs alone?  Good gravy.  That’s… obsessive and borderline insane.  Oh, well, it’s done, and my mania can finally rest.  Until I decide one of my other toons needs some T-forged gear, that is.   Which will probably get shelved, seeing as how I’m currently down to precisely four (4) ingots.  Yeah, I sorta kinda cut that last upgrade close, didn’t I?  Oh, well!  Luckily, the Coms part of the equation is pretty much a moot point if you’ve been dutifully collecting them at the end of the majority of Epic quests.. which I do.  That makes affording the Epic Hearts of Wood nice and simple when you can collect them on multiple characters and pool Heart Seeds (purchased with Coms) together.

But, I digress.  The original purpose of this post wasn’t to wax obsessive on Uncle Tubbs’ wraps.  It wasn’t.  The intent was to discuss the burnout.

Late Sunday night, right around the time that Tubbs was most of the way through 26, I felt it creeping in.  That dull sensation which makes you want to log on to another toon and run with them, or see what’s on television, or effectively do anything but continue playing the one you are logged on as.  That’s the final stages of warning that you are approaching burnout, and immediate action should be taken.

Luckily, I was in a position to finish out the quest, make one quick run with socks in Jungles, and then park Uncle Tubbs on the ship before his engine started smoking.  It’s not terribly unexpected, to be honest – after all, he’d had a stupidly busy weekend and accomplished a lot of things I thought would either never see done or would take until sometime in December – but enough was enough.  The pressure had built to the point where I was in a very dangerous position of “not having fun” any more.. and once that box is opened, it’s really hard to close it back up again.

A new buddy of the little rag-tag bunch of misfits I’ve taken to calling friends (lunatics might be a better word. –Ed.) lately had recently ER’ed his monk into a Shuricannon build, and in all honesty, it made me really want to bring out Fei-Hung.  Alas, Fei-Hung has finished his 2015 Goals, and several of my other toons had not… but I still really wanted to spend a bit of time doing rear-line fighting.  So I brought out the next best thing, Madfinger the Artificer.  Shiradificer.  Whatever you want to call it.  He doesn’t have a T-forged repeater, and won’t have one for the near future, because, well, you just read why.  If I don’t have to farm ingots again for a while, I’m not going to.  Plus, Needle is still working quite well enough.  Rambling!  Anyhoo!

So Madfinger still needs to work his way to 28 for his Optional Epic Goal of 2015.  After last night, he’s settled in to 25 quite nicely – although his gear still isn’t fully optimized, I’m frankly not worrying about that too much.  I was logged on with Madfinger to decompress, and that’s what we did.  Although, of course, by “decompress,” I mean Socks, New Guy, and I decided to go farm The Weapons Shipment on Elite for a few Mysterious Baubles.  Or, at least, that was the intent, we got 100% skunked on named items after two runs (and many rerolls).  Also of note – two non-standard sorcerers, an artificer, and no “real” aggro management or healer make for one hell of an intense battle.  There were tense moments of near-wiping on both runs.. but one hell of an adrenaline rush, as always.

Sidebar:  Oh, and New Guy, you know who you are, but we haven’t discussed a nickname for you or whether or not you want to be addressed by a specific toon’s name, or what-have-you.  So we’ll deal with that when the time comes.  Or, I might just start arbitrarily calling you something, like I did with Socks.  Who knows?  (P.S. ask Socks about where that nickname came from.  It’s hilarious.  –Ed.)

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable and productive weekend.  I’m still not sure if I will be rushing through to complete Tubbs’ last level right away, or if I’ll let him decompress for a while, first.  The plan for him is to run through three Morninglord lives to acquire the Iconic Past Lives, as well as the two remaining Cleric Heroic past lives and cap those out.  While I’ve been chomping at the bit to make Epic Completionist, I’ve also been playing that toon a lot, and the idea of taking a bit of time away is sounding more and more appealing the more I ramble on about it.

I think I might just do that.  After all, it takes a lot longer to recover from burnout (if you ever do) than it does to just let the issue decompress on its own.. Although, I’ll probably go ahead and hit 28, first, just so’s Uncle Tubbs is ready to rock and roll whenever we do decide to get our Iconic on.


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