Epic Completionist

Well, it finally happened last night.


What does the dynamite say? BOOM.

It took a while, sure, but Uncle Tubbs finally scored his Epic Completionist – against my better judgement, I decided to crank out that last level before taking a break on the toon;  luckily, I don’t feel burnt out, just relieved that the challenge is done.  So now he gets to reincarnate into a Morninglord – but also spend some time in Heroics, which will be a welcome change.

Socks’ sorcerer side project, dubbed the “Creepy Uncle” build (because it spams Earthgrabs everywhere for the melees to flatten) still has a ways to go to 28 before it does an Iconic Reincarnation;  as it stands, Madfinger the Artificer is still 25, and Khail the Pure Shintao Monk Who Is Totally Not Trying To Be Uncle Tubbs, Jr. is 28, but due to a bit of stupidity on my part, still requires Karma in a sphere to be able to Epic Reincarnate.

A note to those players who are new to Epics – try and keep each Epic Life focused onto one destiny sphere (Arcane, Divine, Martial, or Primal).  ERing requires 6,000,000 Karma (read:  XP earned while in a sphere) in order to benefit from a past life;  an entire Epic Life is 6,600,000 XP, which means you only have a very small window with which to play in if you’re going to cross spheres.  Doing something like I did with Khail – he started in Grandmaster of Flowers, capped it, then after a short while bounced to Unyielding Sentinel – means your Karma is then cut between two spheres.  Now, congratulations, you’re 28, and still have to grind out more experience to be eligible for an Epic Past Life.  Not very efficient.  Oh, well!  What’s done is done.  Khail will recover, and in the process, bank some Heart Seeds for later use.

So one of the two biggest hurdles for the year is now finished.  That’s quite a nice feeling, I have to admit.  Although, if I’m going to be completely and totally honest, I technically “cheated” and used a Silver Daily Dice roll to wrap up the last splash of XP – you’d have probably done the same! – since when the dust settled on the last quest for the night, I had literally 5,599,996 XP.  Four (4) sodding points away!  FOUR!!  You couldn’t even see the sliver that was missing on the progress bar!  You teasing bastards!  Grr.  Anyway, it is done.

While it isn’t a measure of how long it took Uncle Tubbs, specifically, to accomplish, but rather my account, it took two years, one month, and three days to attain.  The King of Corpulence himself, if my memory serves me correctly, was rolled up about June, 2014.  Give or take.  That’s a pretty loose estimate and could very easily go six months before that;  I’m not entirely honest.  I’d love to know exactly when he was “born,” so to say, just to keep things in perspective.  Who knows, I might just send a note in to Turbine Customer Support to see if they can check it out for me.  I’d love to say that I squeezed out Epic Completionist within a year!  Take that, expectations!  (Of course, I can’t say that, yet…)

Now off to the rest of the plans for the year!



    1. No, that would remove a Heroic completionist. If they release a new Epic Destiny, then I’d need to get one more life in whatever sphere it was released in to get back Epic Completionist… unless they suspend that, for whatever reason.


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