Interplanar Hug-A-Dwarf Day

Dwarves are, mostly, a quiet lot.  Sometimes.  That depends on the dwarf, obviously, since we don’t want to go about making racial stereotypes or anything.  That’s bad.  Oh sod it, let’s just move on, you know what I meant.

They’re also, in general, a pretty stalwart sort.  Often praised for their toughness and resiliency in battle, and not just by myself (the clearly un-biased pro-dwarf player), many of their everyday contributions go unthanked.  And that’s okay, to most dwarves.  They’re more than alright with stomping along, doing what they’re doing, and perhaps grumbling about the lack of decent ale in nearby taverns.  That’s far more important to the typical dwarf, that is, a good ale.

To this end, I propose the declaration of September 1st as “Interplanar /Hug A Dwarf Day,” wherein all of those stoic, taciturn stumpies will finally bask in the thanks they are more than deserving of even if they’re a little reticent about it.  It’s a simple thing, really, and won’t take but half a minute to do.


Practically begging for a /hug!

All that is required, is should you happen to be logged in to a character on July 1st, and you should happen to see a dwarf in a public instance, just amble over and /hug the guy.  Or gal.  Whichever, the holiday isn’t gender-exclusive.  No matter what plane you’re on – Eberron, Faerun, Amrath – it only takes a few seconds.

Of course, if you’re grouping with a dwarf, I’m sure the initial /hug will be sufficient.  You don’t have to keep doing it every time you see them.   

And if you want to see some hilarity ensue, if someone asks what you’re doing, simply tell them it’s “Hug a Dwarf Day,” and you’re trying to find more to get the reward.  If they ask what the reward is, tell them you don’t know, because you haven’t found 100 dwarves yet.  It’ll be amusing to watch the rumors spread, if nothing else!

#stumpy4life !


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