What Goes Sideways

Over the course of the holiday weekend – or, at least, a holiday here in the U.S. and Canada – a buddy of mine ran into an issue while going about the quest What Goes Up.  It was a pretty bizarre issue, wherein he couldn’t get the quest from the quest-giver, but couldn’t abandon it or turn in the arc, either.



We didn’t think too much of it at the time, as we were there for the mad XP from the +15% Epic bonus weekend, anyway.  Life goes on!

Or it did, at least, until I Epic Reincarnated Tholgrin over the weekend.  Whong Fei-Hung had re-attained cap, so he was returned to the back-burner;  it’s been squirming in the back of my mind to get some more Epic Past Lives and Destinies completed on the one-and-only Tholgrin Stoneforge, my main-main, to elevate him up to proper status.  So, naturally, I started the process.

And apparently forgot to get a level 19 Guardian’s Ring in the process.  If you’re unfamiliar, it adds +24 to your Physical and Magical Resistance Ratings, as well as coming with a Green Augment Slot.  All in all, it’s pretty darn tasty for a defensive boost.  (Never underestimate the power of PRR.)

In any case – the point I’ve been wandering around for the past four paragraphs is that while Thol already had his level 27 Guardian’s Ring, he didn’t have his level 19 version.  Which, upon ERing, suddenly becomes more important than the Epic iteration.  So no problem, right?  Just go and get it.  I’m already flagged, I’ll just rerun What Goes Up on Heroic and be done.

Except… no.

Walk up to Sherrod, the quest-giver, and get greeted with a rather brusque sentence asking if this “dwarf” is addressing him.  The nerve!  It’s a good thing that DDO isn’t like Skyrim, otherwise I’d have had to lop his… pinkie toes off.  Yeah, that’s what I was aiming for.  Only slightly higher and between the legs.


So that strange incident with Von rung back in my head, and I go back and check the arc-person.  She tells me, as expected, that I’m flagged and I need to go talk to Sherrod.  The same person who just said that I needed to go talk to the Morninglord that isn’t talking to me.  Grrreeeeaaattt.  Nothing like a delightful little Catch-22 to restart your Epic career.

After about twenty minutes of stomping about in circles, trying to abandon the quest (can’t abandon the completed What Goes Up, but can with every other quest), can’t abandon the arc (unable to abandon it while on this goal [Bring word back to Kara Patwin]), can’t get the quest from Sherrod….  I was annoyed.

Re-flagging for the quest on Heroic didn’t help.  Re-flagging for the quest on Epic didn’t help.  (Although, he did earn a pantload of XP in the process.)  I finally gave up and send in a ticket to In-Game Support.

Well, to be truthful, I sent in two – because the first one was sent after-hours for them, and the second one was sent during-hours.  Once the game master got hold of my ticket (about eight or ten minutes after the second was submitted), he was able to fix it in just a few seconds without me needing to do anything special.  Annnnddd.  ta-da!  Back on track.

So that’s all well and good, but what’s the point?  I’m getting there!  Based off the sequence of events that a) led to the issue with Tholgrin and Von, and b) did not lead to the issue with several of my other toons, I think I’ve narrowed it down to what I believe to be a moderately solid theory of the causative factors:

  •         Character has completed the What Goes Up quest and turned it in
  •         Character has not turned in the Secret of the Storm Horns quest arc
  •         Character has Epic Reincarnated

I say this, because I usually “mix-and-match” the Epic quests (for XP) with Heroic ones (for loot) on an as-needed basis.  As an example, my warlocks first ran Breaking the Ranks on Heroic for the lv19 Sage’s Skullcap (for the fortificaiton and radiance boosts), while the rest of the arc was on Epic, while my melees will run A Break in the Ice on Heroic for the lv19 Skirmisher’s Lenses (for true seeing), and the rest on Epic.  Every time, What Goes Up flags with no problems – and I’ll later grab whatever quest I was missing for a saga completion.  I didn’t do it this time with Tholgrin, however, and failed to turn in the arc before ERing.

Of course, to prove this theory, I’d have to specifically set up a positive and negative test with the above criteria established.  I’ll do that the next time I ER Thol, and make sure I turn everything in.  In the interim, here’s hoping that this will pop up on a Google search if someone else hits the same problem and needs to know how to fix it!

Happy slaying!


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