So the past few days were quite productive for my little squadron of digital characters.

Uncle Tubbs has long-since met his 2015 goals to get back to 28 followed by an ER.  Currently, he’s sitting at level 19 (due to a delicious and nutritious rock) on a rather wonky build which will eventually be his first Artificer past life, once I get up the gumption to get those remaining points.  Or tag along with one of Eshle’s characters on their last push to 20… who knows.

To make things even better, Fei-Hung the Shuricannon made it back to cap, as well!  Double Ding-Burger with Cheese!


From left to right: Snuggles, Repede, and Uldwin.

In our little misfit bunch of players, there’s been a few Epic Reincarnations and a few more first forays into the Epic scene.  Which, as it turns out, is quite beneficial to all parties involved!  But, of course, most imporantly, me.  And by that, I mean that my newest “side project,” Uldwin the Druid – a.k.a. “Snarlbear” – actually gets to feel useful.  Since we’ve last visited our two-ton ursine friend, he’s grown to level 27 (wow!) and has slid over into Unyielding Sentinel with Fast Healing from Fury of the Wild twisted in.  Along the way, I’ve piled on every threat-generating enhancement, feat, Destiny ability, and spell buff I’ve been able to find – and with the five (5) AoE melee attacks he has (that work in tandem to make a chain of 7), with quite a bit of range, have turned him into quite the aggro monster.  The DPS isn’t quite all that, but with a three-digit armor class and PRR, plus regeneration and miss chances, he can take one hell of a beating.

Hence the nickname “Snarlbear.”  He snarls (a lot).  He is a bear.  He is Snarlbear.  And enemies go “HOLY $#!T IT’S A F%*#ING BEAR!!  Kill it with fire!!” while ignoring the rest of the party, which is killing them with impunity.

A healer-hate-tank, if you will.  Hunh… it seems I’ve turned yet another class into a divine war machine… whatever!  He’s grown into a seriously fun toon to play with friends… even though some of the party dynamics are a little atypical.

So who’s the tank?

The stumpy druid.

And the healer?

The toaster paladin.

Isn’t that.. a little backwards?  Like, shouldn’t the druid be the healer, and the toaster be the tank?

Are you gonna argue with the dire bear that’s foaming at the mouth?

Good point.

A few thoughts on the idea, though, that I feel I must clarify on.  First and foremost, I’m 100% aware that I could probably triple my DPS simply by switching to Winter Wolf form.  I’m well aware of that.  But it’s not a bear.  And while I’d lose some defense by switching out of Wolf form, the damage I’d gain would more than make up for it.  But it’s not a bear.  And after this past weekend, I’m pretty sure that there are at least a small handful of toons who would be somewhat disappointed at the loss of their beloved Snarlbear by him changing into Wolf form.  It is not the most efficient damage-dealer.  It does, however, turn you into a giant roaring hate-machine that catches minotaurs by the horns mid-charge and proves that the pre-beef does not, in fact, have the worst halitosis on Eberron.

And to me, that’s fun.  And fun is why we’re playing games in the first place, isn’t it?

To close out the thoughts on Uldwin (for this post.. –Ed.), I’ve composed a little parody of the classic Spider-Man theme song, which I think conveys the fun and affectionate whimsy I have playing his build quite well:

Snarlbear, Snarlbear

Does whatever Snarlbear wants

Can he swing

From a web?

No he can’t,

‘Cuz he’s too fat.

Oh $#1T!

It’s a $#&%@^#& BEAR!!



I’ve also begun laying the groundwork for Tholgrin’s road to Epic Completionist, although that’s coming along much more slowly.  Which is a good thing, in a manner of speaking – the last thing I want to do is go all “wild and crazy” and get far too close to burnout like I did with Uncle Tubbs.  So I fully expect it to take a while – and I’m perfectly okay with that!  After all, even finishing the Destinies out is more than he was before, right?  

Anyhoo, I must run for now… certain ursine friends demand attention.



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