A Raidy Weekend

This past weekend held quite a bit of delightful progress!  And news!  Sort of.  Well, oh, heck, I’ll just get on with it.

First things first – the one and only Thol finished out his Primal karma for his 11th Epic Past Life and is now giddily whalloping his way through the last few XP in his home Destiny, Unyielding Sentinel, where he plans to spend the foreseeable future.  And no, he has no intentions of ever being anything but a pure Paladin Knight of the Chalice.  After all, why mess with what works?  And it would fly completely in the face of Tholgrin’s RP background and P&P history.  There are plenty of alts for that mutli-life stuff.

However – only one life left to live before Epic Completionist!  /cheer!  Oh, and that silly little “third paladin Heroic” past life.  Grr.  At least that isn’t on a crunch to get finished up before U29.. not that it’ll be difficult.  I’ve been stacking up all manner of goodies in expectation for the “final final” life.   Ahh, well.. but I digress!

I’ve begun working on getting Green Steel weapons lined up for the myriad other characters I feel will be the most likely to TR;  I like to have these done beforehand, because once I get the idea in my head to TR somebody, it usually happens within hours and whatever preparation hasn’t been done yet isn’t going to be.  (Here’s looking at you, Mattok!)  So I hopped in a few Shroud runs early Saturday to get things started and then later on to fatten up the ol’ crafting reserves.

The other major challenge that has yet to be completed lies with Tholgrin’s very-slightly younger brother (in the role-play sense, at least), Bholgrin.  Good ol’ dwarven “original” family names, that.  At first it was just a teaching run hosted by our very own @DDOMicki over at Micki’s Delirium of Defiler of the Just, which I had yet to run.  So, of course, I jumped over to Bhol and promptly proceeded to fly completely under the radar with an utterly unnoteworthy performance.  Which, as a raid virgin, I consider to be a complete success – after all, the first phase of learning a raid (on my own bloody scale!) is called “don’t be a liability and don’t die.”  Looking at it that way…


Hop back to Tholgrin, and what do I see later on, but an EH run of Defiler queueing up?  Sweet!  Armed with the experience from Micki’s expert tutelage, I went in with Tholgrin (who is far, far [fart] more of a brute than his little bro) and proceeded to wreck shop right alongside the vets.. although the whole crew got skunked on loot.  While I haven’t stepped into Epic Elite on the raid, yet, the following things struck me:

  •         Once you know what you’re doing, the raid is pretty simple
  •         This is going to be darn near impossible to solo except for the penultimate badass players
  •         That final boss was a joke, as in”liek srsly, u ded alreddy bro ??“-level facerolling
  •         What do you mean, we’re done this quickly?

I was all raring and ready to go for some spectacularly brutal Shroud EX+alpha mess, but it’s pretty much only a few rooms.  To that regard, sad face.  Being able to learn it in one run, happy face.  Adding it to my list of “I’mma go run that!” raids, priceless.

And, as usual, more digressions…

So after that particular splash of happy, I just-so-happened to check the LFM panel to find – guess what? – MOAR RAIDS!  A whole stack of them, all bunched up in one pretty little happy entry, two of which were ones Bholgrin needed for his 2015 Goals.  So back to Bhol it was, and off we went for a flurry of frenzied fun.


One of the many “stuff is happening” moments in eChrono.

One right after another, we hit Epic Elite versions of The Chronoscope, The Vault of Night and The Plane of Night,  Against the Demon Queen and Zawabi’s Revenge, after which we lost a number of folks and dropped down to Heroic for a run of The Lord of Blades and The Master Artificer.  But wait, there’s more!  Afterwards, we scooted over to the Subterrane and did a Vision of Destruction run.  Bholgrin was particularly excited about the VoD run due to the chance of getting a Divine Vengeance, but it didn’t show its face.  Jerk.

I had to call it a night before the rest of the group headed over to Hound of Xoriat, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  After all, he’d already finished VOD and HOX previously, so those were just fun/loot runs.. and fun, they were.

Of course, while this was all going on, I was wrestling with a thought that has been nagging me:  Why don’t I just ER Bholgrin and iron out some of the little quirks that have been bugging me?  I don’t really have a good reason why I haven’t – after all, ERing doesn’t reset any favor accumulations in the slightest, and he could really use some fine-tuning.  An older part of me is scared I would forget something and inadvertently make it worse;  I don’t think that’s the problem so much, any more.

I’ve been going through his gear, and he’s got a pretty decent assortment for low-level Epics that he already had on-hand.  He’s got his Green Steel blanks and plenty of Shards lined up if I should decide to TR him on a whim – might not have enough for a full pair of double-imbued longswords, but at least one double-imbued and a Tier 3.  I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to put on them, but as I’m only dabbling with the idea of an ER, that’s not a huge problem.

I’ve taken to telling myself that once Tholgrin hits level 28 and is “officially” on his final Epic life before EC, and is “officially” underway in his final Divine life, that I’ll give his little brother some wings.  Plus, I can’t help but shake the feeling it would be much more enjoyable going through and replaying some of his earlier Epics on higher difficulties when I’m actually in the level range and earning XP towards it, rather than just Heart Seeds.. not that Heart Seeds are bad, though.  You get my meaning, I’m sure.

Overall, the weekend was quite productive.  It was fun grouping with a fellow member of the DDO Blogging Community, even if it was a pretty quiet group.  In retrospect, that’s probably a good thing, as it means I didn’t manage to put my foot in my mouth all the way to the elbow.  (This happens far more often than I’d like, and is the reason I stick pretty much exclusively to text chat until I get to know folks.  It’s a lot easier to censor text than it is speech on +80% Lip Movement Speed.  –Ed.)

Oh, and while I’ve had a Facebook page for DDO for quite some time (just search the ever-original “Tholgrin Stoneforge” on it, and it should pop up), I’ve only just recently – as in, within the past 16 hours of this being posted to Teh Interwebz – started doing “that Twitter thing.”  I’m on there as @TholgrinDDO, because, apparently someone already had @Tholgrin.  Shoot, it might even be me, I’m not even sure…. after all, my WordPress account is listed as @Tholgrin.  Yay, social media noobiness…. ugh.  Why do I do these things to myself?

So I think I’m learning how to use it.  Not really.  I’m probably doing the entire thing wrong.  So if I retweet your reply to a hashtag with a Hindenberg and forget to add #fauxpas, then you can officially call me a #twit.  Yeah, I went there.  Anyhoo, I suppose if you’re interested, you can go do.. uhh, whatever it is people do on Twitbook and Faceter.


Anyhoo… happy Monday, and stuff!




  1. 🙂 gratz on the raids.

    P.S. DoJ EE is slightly harder than eN/ eH. You need a fuckton of dps to take out the snake before the boss goes active, and after she does, you have like .. 30? 40 s to take her out before she starts bombing the place. Once she does, things get messy. You get hit by the bombs and you die. Safe spots from bombs are hard to find, and after a while she summons reinforcements too… Prolly need to look for more safe spots.

    Liked by 1 person

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