Epic Completionist #2 for 2015!

So, I’ve really got to stop spoiling the “big news” of a given post with the title.  In case you haven’t guessed already, Tholgrin Stoneforge finally finished out his final Epic life before scoring Epic Completionist!  And it was before U29 launched, to boot!  So that makes two Epic Completionists earned during the 2015 Goal Period.

Woo-hoo!  Take that, expectations!


Back in K-Town, now fully-vested in Heroic Paladin past lives and Epic Completionism.

So now, his plans include the ER from 28 back to 20 (albeit briefly) followed by the “combo reincarnation” back to 1 immediately afterwards.  After all, he still hasn’t earned his final Paladin past life!  So I’ll be taking him from 1 back up to level cap… as I feel like it.  No rush in that objective, there.

With that out of the way, it completes the multi-expanded Goals List for 2015 for Tholgrin.. and almost everyone else, as well.  Only Bholgrin and his 5,000-Favor-Plus-Complete-Every-Quest-And-Challenge goal remain.  The good news is, that with his recent ER, I’ve actually been working a decent bit on that.. including confirming from first-hand experience that it is possible to solo The Crucible in Gianthold (although I did use a hireling for the maze levers;  not on the wheel puzzle, however, since the Owlbear was half-retarded when it came to operating machinery).  I would swear the wheel puzzle time limit has been extended – or, perhaps, it’s just a bit more generous when you’re alone.  In either case, it’s possible.  (I recall it timing out in approximately 5 seconds on earlier group runs;  this last run, he had enough time to run around the room to all three wheels by his lonesome.  And no, even though Bholgrin is part monk, he’s not that fast.  –Ed.)

The list of his incompleted quests, raids, and challenges is pretty slim, now:

  •         Ascension Chamber
  •         Precious Cargo
  •         The Fall of Truth
  •         The Twilight Forge
  •         The Titan Awakes
  •         The Mark of Death
  •         Temple of the Deathwyrm
  •         Fire on Thunder Peak
  •         Epic Kobold Island:  Short Cuts

And that’s it!  Of course, he’s sitting at 4,934 favor, which means I’ll have to backtrack through some of those quests that he’s already marked a completion on, but on a lower difficulty, and crank those up.  Shoot, even that list is pretty slender;  and that’s with several expansions’ worth of new content adding to the favor total.  I can’t imagine how tight the original 5,000 Favor Reward was – from the looks of the current game, it seems as though you had to Elite/Epic Elite everything and six-star every challenge to barely squeak past.

So it seems I may have to put up some LFMs over the next two weeks in order to get some old favor runs going!  A long time ago, when I first started this particular Goals for 2015 initiative-thingy, I speculated that Bholgrin’s challenge was going to be the hardest one.. and while it may not necessarily be the hardest – it certainly is taking the longest to move.  Mostly because the majority of what’s left is things that don’t see a whole lot of movement on Orien.  (That’s not entirely true – FOTP, TODW, and MOD all see a good bit of traffic on Saturdays, but that’s all EE traffic.  And I’m not stupid enough to try and learn a raid on EE.  –Ed.)


Totally not suicidal.

My attempts to learn Ascension Chamber solo have been… mixed.  I’ve watched videos where folks have soloed it without many problems;  being perfectly frank, I have a feeling that’s one of the situations where “trying to solo it at 21 your first time ever” qualified as “probably not the best of ideas.”  It’s something I’m continuing to try as the whims come, usually with no expectations of survival, but I figure, what the heck, personal experience in the environments is never a bad thing.

So for anyone else hunting for obscure favor bits and bobs on the Orien server, keep an eye out – you might just see an LFM with Bholgrin’s name on it.  Or have him request to join your LFM.. you never know.  Fair warning, however – he doesn’t do so well with that whole “sharing” thing when it comes to Tasty Ham.  So if that’s a deal-breaker, I’m not sorry.

As for the plans for the remaining.. uhh.. eighteen toons – well.

Mattok Shalefinder has recently been working his way through a Heroic career as a pure Paladin Vanguard.  His previous life as a 14 FvS / 6 Pal variant of Whall’s build resulted in – way more healing than was ever needed, and a profound lack of function with the shield-based attacks.  As such, he’s reworking himself into a full Vanguard position.  He’s currently at level 7, having just equipped his +3 Etched Longsword of Acid Torrent from the Temple of Elemental Evil… time to give that a few swings and see what’s what.

Tubbho “Uncle Tubbs” Lard is sitting tight at 22 and slowly working his way through some Iconic lives.  I’ll spend some time with him as the schedule allows – he’s still working slowly towards his Heroic Completionist.  Yes, the one I said I wasn’t working towards last year.  Shaddup.  Things change.

And the rest are all at cap!  Well, except Immano of Llawriennal, the perpetually-20 clonk for friendly aid.  He has no intenions of going above 20 (again) in the future.  The remainder of the characters on my login screen are at cap, and honestly, I’m now looking forward to the variety of playing each of them to get up to level 30.

It’s a silly thing, sure, but it feeds back into my alt-itis – with the new levels and XP increase, that equates to roughly two days’ worth of solid questing for each person.  And given the variety of playstyles I have currently stored up, that means I get to play in an entirely different groove every other day!  Woo-hoo!   That part, I’m actually looking forward to.

I must confess, this has been quite a whirlwind of a year as far as game progreses is concerned.  The only thing left to do at this point is to figure out what I’m going to do to one-up the nonsense that made up 2015 – and, of course, actually finish the final goal!

Happy Slaying!



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