Welcome to 2016

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the blog.  Well, anything of any subsance, that is.  Of course, that is also due (in part) to the holidays and mostly due to feeling like absolute crud.  Which happens, working in an office, one is prone to pick up everything from everyone in a thirty mile radius.


So what’s been going on with my cadre of digital characters?  Well, I’ve taken all of the characters that were at 28 back up to cap at 30 – in some cases, with some re-gearing and others with some squees of joy.  It’s amazing what going to another build style and coming back will do for your objectivity – it’s a great way to stomp on those rose-tinted lenses, if needed.

Orsyn Burr, my original Palificer Artadin, was one of my most complained about.  If I’m being brutally honest, I just can’t look at the dwarf-based build the same way any more without comparing it to the Bladeforged variant which utterly destroys it.  So what’s a player to do?  The obvious, of course, is to reincarnate into something different.  Which is exactly what I did – no, literally, as soon as he hit 30, I dropped party with a friend and headed to the Hall of Heroes.  A few minutes later, and Orsyn was reborn as a pure-rogue halfling mechanic.  Say hi to the new Orsyn!


“I’m not just a short drow,” says Orsyn.  “Look at my eye.  Do drow eyes look like this?  I didn’t think so.”

I’ve been playing him with a slightly different tactic, and a pretty fun one, at that.  Or, at least, I think it’s fun.  I’m sure some folks out there would call it “bat-$#!t insane.”  He’s going Intelligence-based (with Dexterity a close second), mostly up the Mechanic tree, and packing a great crossbow.  (Currently shown using Leverage from the Temple of Elemental Evil as a “stupidly rare drop.”)  I dig the look of that bow so much, I might just have to glamer it.. I mean, heck, it’s almost as big as the halfling himself!

Thus far, he’s been playing Elite “pure solo” – and by that, I mean no hirelings.  Just the rogue, his sneakiness, wits, and a boom-stick.  I’ve learned the hard way that stealth at low levels is woefully overtuned in favor of the enemies – I mean, really?  I can’t sneak past a Devourer Cultist in K-Town with a hide/move silently of 37? – but gets back to normal around level 5.  I’ve had a blast ghosting through Tangleroot and other content, and finally (!!!!) learning the joys of using Noisemaker and Web traps to their fullest potential.  Granted, he’s still only level 9, but I plan on keeping the “true solo” mentality going for as long as I possibly can.

It’s a completely different way of playing, and that’s making it fun.  Even if he is just a short little chicken wing with a big gun.

Uncle Tubbs is about to finish up his Bladeforged Warlock life – which I won’t say I have enjoyed.  It’s not the warlock part – I’ve got several who are absolute murder-dealers.  I’m fully aware of the fact it’s completely my own fault, since I haven’t bothered to get him, well, any spellpower boosts that he didn’t already have.  (Okay, that’s not entirely accurate – I did give him a Seal of House Szind and a Holy Symbol of Lolth.  But that’s it.)  As such, he’s performing rather lousily against my expectations of the character and I can’t wait to wrap him up to 30 later tonight and reincarnate into the next one.  Which, after having not played Tubbs in his “monk form” in a while, I’m going to take a break from the Iconic Reincarnation cycle and play the Tubbho Special Infinite Sustain-a-Build.

I lied.  I’m going to play the Tubbho Special, but as a Shadar-kai.  And no, I’m not planning on putting any points into trapping.  He will be a non-trapping rogue, and hopefully folks will just notice the monk fist-in-palm icon and not notice anything is amiss.  We shall see.

So I’ll just be getting the Shadar-kai Iconic Past Life this next time around.  No Heroic past life.  I’m okay with that.  As long as it’s a break from the checklist of Heroic lives left to go before Heroic Completionist.. everybody needs a break every once in a while.

As for the final Goal for 2015 – which was to rack up a completion on every quest and challenge in the game on a single character, Bholgrin the paladin/monk/rogue – I did not, sadly, finish that one.  Five thousand favor?  Check.  However, there are only a handful of raids and challenges left uncompleted:

  •         The Twilight Forge
  •         The Titan Awakes
  •         The Mark of Death
  •         Temple of the Deathwyrm
  •         Fire on Thunder Peak
  •         The Fall of Truth
  •         Epic Kobold Island:  Short Cuts

..and that’s it.  I’ve completed many of them on other toons, but those completions don’t count for the purpose of this particular challenge.  Bholgrin also completed an Epic Reincarnation and made his way back up to 30 without any hassle at all, which wasn’t unexpected.  So while I didn’t complete every single goal put forth by myself for the year, I completed all of them and got danged close on the last one;  I’m still going to work towards finishing it, but without the time constraints that were previously in place.

And Micki, I know you run Mark of Death/Fire on Thunder Peak/Temple of the Deathwyrm raids most Saturdays on Orien, but I’m not stupid enough to try and learn the raid on Epic Elite.  Plus, that’s totally not fair to drag your crew down for the sole purpose of an e-peen stroking personal goal.  Yes, this paragraph is also a blatant and unsanctioned advert to anyone who is on Orien, on Saturdays, and is ready to bring their A-game to go help fill up her raid queues faster.  DO IT!!

I’ve honestly not given a great deal of thought to establishing a list of personal challenges for the 2016 year, at least as of yet.  The only one I can think of right off the top of my head is to get the remaining characters I have who have not reincarnated yet their wings.. but as the vast majority of them are already at cap and can reincarnate on a whim, that’s not really much of a personal challenge.  I’ll probably do it, anyway, just because I’m OCD like that.

So what else is new?  Let’s see.. there are applications being taken for the 2016 Player’s Council going on right now.  I’m considering putting in an application.. the odds are probably quite against getting selected, but then I’ve never tried before, so who knows.  I’d like to think I could provide some pretty effective and thorough feedback on concepts and ideas.  Of course, I’d also like to win the Lottery, but something tells me that’s mildly unrelated.

So what do you think, dear readers?  Should I bite the bullet and go for it?  Toss me a comment in the handy box below if you think I should.  Or, if you think I shouldn’t.  Or even if you think eggs are delicious (fun fact:  they are).

I suppose that wraps up this issue of Inane Not-Dwarven Dribble.  Happy Slaying!




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