Dwarf Down!! (But Not Out)

So those of you who follow my Twitter account (@TholgrinDDO) are probably a little more up to speed with what I’m going through.

Things on the IRL server are… less than stellar.  There’s this ugly little thing (I actually wrote “thong” thanks to the monitor on my finger, and decided that was funny enough to leave in) that goes around, and is generally considered to be a bad word. It’s also the punchline to a really horrible joke:

“What did the blind, deaf, and dumb kid get for Christmas?”


Well, so did I.  Colon cancer, to be precise.  Which is rather odd, given my age.  Alas, the affected area has since been not-so gently eviscerated and discarded in a manner reminiscent of a used condom. But really, it went to a pathologist to determine if I need another IRL Cure Disease spell or if the leeches on standby are sufficient.

So, yes, I’m typing this from the hospital on morphine, literally hours after someone had a robot with a scalpel hack a foot of my large intestine out, squiggle the innards around to reattach it to the small intestine.  Here’s an example of what happened:


And that’s basically what happened.  A foot got cut out and stitched back together.  No, it’s not comfortable, but whatever.  They’re expecting approximately one week to recover, and then a short circuit of outpatient chemo just to put the nail in the coffin.

So if I’m posting less frequently, I think there’s a valid excuse this time.. and “I’m sorry, I was in the hospital with cancer” actually happened.

hospital hardcore

So if my raiding skills aren’t quite 100%, that’s why.  And I had just started getting into a rhythm with @DDOMicki’s raids!  Boo.

Anyhoo.. happy slaying ‘n stuff!



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