A New Direction for Madfinger

During the course of the weekend, a couple of fun things happened.

First and foremost, the one-and-only Uncle Tubbs, on his journey to finish Heroic Completionist, hit cap on his Deep Gnome Rogue Mechanic life.  This leaves only Ranger and Fighter left!  The plan, for the moment, at least, is to leave him at cap for raids whilst other toons go about their business.

After all, he’s got more than enough “lives” to have made it.  They just stop counting after three for each class.  Which, unfortunately, means that no less than fourteen of his monk lives don’t count.  (Yes, I did a berserk number of “pointless” lives while accompanying a friend through his Heroic Completionist journey.  And no, I didn’t have any intention of actually gathering an HC at the time.  Funny how things change..)

Might as well get the actual feat at this point, eh?

Before reaching level, I had Tubbs join in on a few raids.. and, as luck would have it, scored the Outfit of the Celestial Avenger that he was looking to wear when he went back to his “real” build.  Or, as we call it in our rag-tag circle, his “final final” life.  Which isn’t really final at all, since several of us have reincarnated our “final-final” lives on multiple occasions.  Let me figure out a way to squeeze another use of the word final into this paragraph.

Now if only I could get the Leathers of the Celestial Archer to drop for Orsyn the Rogue Mechanic.. oh, well.  Only another hundred or so Xorian Runes and he’ll be able to order one up.  Problem sorted.

While marking a few Items of Interest off, there was some other progress made on my personal Checklist for the year.  As I previously rambled about, I decided I was going to delay Bholgrin the Romunkadin’s quest for Epic Completionist (because why stop at two toons with EC’s on the account?) by one life, so that I could spend some time with my artificer.

And I did.  After Uncle Tubbs hit cap, I did my “park routine” –

  •         Go through Ingredients bags and put “shared-ey” stuff in the Crafting Storage Bank (such as Sigils, Tokens of the Twelve, Marks, Essences – although Tubbs the Master Crafter keeps his – dragon scales, Thunder-Forged Ingots, Scrolls, Seals, Shards, you get the idea) so that other toons can use them
  •         Go through Collectibles bags and dump them into my “shared” Collectibles Bag (yes, I know I can put them into the Crafting Bank, but I’ve already got 600+ slots taken without any collectibles)
  •         Put any Green Steel ingredients in their own “shared” Ingredients Bag (because the GS Altars can be wonky pulling directly from the bank at times)
  •         Organize toon bank space
  •         Turn in Commendations of Valor for any Heart Seeds, as needed
  •         Top-up any stocks of potions and/or spell components
  •         There’s probably a couple of steps I’m forgetting

– the reasoning behind this is that the toon is “hot ‘n ready” to go, like a Little Caesar’s Pizza  in the event that I need the toon for a raid or loot run in the future.  Switch ‘n go.  No worries about the toon’s viability in nearly any environment, thanks in part to the Minimum Acceptable Standards I keep for my own toons.

Anyhoo, so rambling aside, Tubbs got parked.  Then Madfinger Runewarden, Artificer of Moderate Disappointment, logged on and pulled out some Scroll/Seal/Shard combinations from the Crafting Shared Bank (see, there was a point to mentioning my “park routine” earlier.  –Ed.) to whip himself up an Epic Hellfire Crossbow and an Epic Templar’s Retribution in honor of his fresh new start as a “melee-ficer.”  Which also means he got to scratch “Wings” off his Checklist entry, in the process.

The idea behind the melee-ficer is to mold the hybrid melee/ranged playstyle which I previously dubbed “DDO May Cry” in honor of the classic game series Devil May Cry, which was renowned for its sword-slinging and gun-blasting action – frequently switching between the two with reckless abandon at blinding speeds.  I honed the DDO version of the playstyle – which I started with Aapex Predator’s first life as an artificer, altered it somewhat with Orsyn Burr’s Palificer Artadin 1.0 build, and refined it with Felldar’s Palificer Artadin 2.0 – and decided to come full-circle and bring Madfinger into the fold.

That, and I was really saddened by Madfinger’s previous performances as a pure gunner.


Madfinger the Meleeficer enjoying a sunset in the Harbor.

So here he stands, now at level 21, an INT-based dwarf full-construct (permanently immune to negative levels, immune to poison, disease, sleep, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, paralysis, +10 Racial bonuses to diseases and poisons that specifically target toasters, immune to drowning, full health from Repair spells, and only -25% to Positive Energy, as opposed to “real” toasters’ -50%) and rolling in the best of all worlds.  His primary focus is using Greater Single Weapon Fighting with Haste Boosts and bastard swords – currently the Epic Templar’s Retribution – but switches to the Epic Hellfire Crossbow in a blink to gun hostiles down while closing the gap.  And while I hear readers musing to themselves – “so do a lot of toons, that’s not special” – you haven’t seen the speed with which artificers swap from weapon+rune arm to crossbow+rune arm.  You can literally jump, switch to the bow, shoot them six times in the face, and land with a Great Cleave coming across their cheek.  With a Jump of 12 and no feather fall.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s not perfect at this point, not by a long shot.  Part of the problem he’s suffering from now is that his gear is whack.  Well, it was before he Epic Reincarnated, too.  I went through his gear while getting ready to reincarnate, and was reminded why I had written the following on my character log:

omgwtf this kit is a hot mess

As of right now, he’s got a few pieces of redeeming note – the aforementioned weapons, the Construct’s Mantle on his back, and nearly every rune arm in the game.  (No, seriously, I went a little Pokemon on his first life;  the only ones he is missing are The Disciplinator from VON6, Titan’s Fist from Titan (obv), and Knives Eternal from Mark of Death.)  There are other pieces of gear that are solid, but they won’t come into play for quite some time – a Manual of Stealthy Pilfering and Epic Death’s Rampart for 26 and 27, respectively – but that won’t help him get there.  So he’s at an odd crossroads – do I just simply grind through the early Epics and go with it, or work to gear him up and make him a more valuable addition to the party as a whole?

Ahh, gearholes, my old nemesis.  We meet again.

On top of that, I’m doing what has been come to be called, amongst my motley squad of misfits on Orien, as “keeping things interesting.”

  •         Keeping Things Interesting (colloq. v.) – intentionally performing something of questionable or downright low intelligence, with the express purpose of increasing tension and/or difficulty.

Normally, this is said when “making friends,” i.e., pulling large groups of mobs that didn’t necessarily need to be pulled, just to make fights crazier and – as one might imagine – more interesting.  In this case, I’m doing that with the whole “Epic Destiny” bit.

When one is looking to increase survivability, Unyielding Sentinel is likely the first Destiny to come to mind.  However, I’ve done that before.  And Madfinger doesn’t have that Destiny unlocked, yet.  So, as a crazy compromise – and after poking about a bit with Shadowdancer to unlock Technician rank 3 – I slapped him into Legendary Dreadnaught.  Probably not the smartest of moves, but, whatever.

That’s right, ladies and gents – what we have here is a pure arti with Momentum Swing (who actually uses it).  With nine Haste Boosts (+30% Action Boost bonus to attack speed for 20 seconds) per rest on top of the five-minute Armor of Speed and +30% Combat Style bonus to attack speed from Greater Single Weapon Fighting and 10% Melee and Ranged Alacrity.  For those following along at home, that’s standing 40% Attack Speed bonus, buffed to 55% and bursting at 85%.  That sword is nothing but a blur.  

Bet you were expecting that when the rune arm symbol showed up in the character list, eh?

Now if I could just find him some shoes….




  1. You know you don’t have to go through your ingredients bag to put things in the Crafting Storage Bank? You can just drag the bag over the CSB and any shareable items will get put in the bank….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, but I don’t want everything dumped in there.. 😛

      Example: only collectibles used in Eldritch rituals are stored in the main bank. Green Steel I don’t bother with due to the altars not working with banked ingredients half the time (and getting them out is mildly annoying).

      Plus, OCD. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is totally worth putting everything in the crafting bank except epic shards/seals/scrolls.

        Actually I put those in the bank too but now and then clean them out into a separate bag that I keep on one specific character.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree, for the most part. I currently have 678/750 slots in the crafting bank filled and sing its praises every day, pretty much. It’s merely certain things I don’t put in (nowadays, almost exclusively Green Steel) and all collectables that aren’t used in Eldritch rituals. If you have dozens of toons, the Crafting Bank is possibly the best quality of life enhancement in recent years, IMO.


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